Pallavi Anupallavi (Kannada) : Debut of a Whiz-kid

Gopala Ratnam Subramanium Iyer will be a very long introduction as a name to lots of people who are still unaware about the real person. The man who thought and envisioned cinema in the early 80’s to become one of the brightest talent to look forward. The man in whose movies, relationships and emotions wereContinue reading “Pallavi Anupallavi (Kannada) : Debut of a Whiz-kid”

How to Lose Fans and Alienate Audience?

Stars are a pampered lot; by the producers and film industry as well as the audience. But there certainly comes a time when they take their status to unbelievable moments. Moments filled with embarrassment galore if the so called stars go through these films again and if not for anything else in the world, IContinue reading “How to Lose Fans and Alienate Audience?”

Agneepath Movie Review : Not a patch on the original

Big stars, big production house, bigger canvas and a big big adaptation. Agneepath had everything going for it, but did it really live up to the expectations of all true blue fans of its original will be seriously disputed in the days to come. It may well turn out to be the intended blockbuster inContinue reading “Agneepath Movie Review : Not a patch on the original”

Agneepath and The Legend of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan

“Vruksh ho bade bhale, ho ghane ho bhale, Ek Patra chhah bhi mang mat, mang mat, mang mat, Agneepath, Agneepath Agneepath.” Long long time before Bhiku Mhatre said Mumbai ka Don kaun in Satya and Malik from Company played dirty games to ‘dhanda hai par ganda hai’, there was a man called Vijay Dinanath Chauhan(VDC),Continue reading “Agneepath and The Legend of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan”

Vettai Movie Review: Brothers who bang

Festival season usually leads to celebration time at movies too and as Makar Sankranti falls on 14th of Jan every year, Tamil & Telugu cinema lines up blockbuster releases meant to entertain. But my point of going to this film had nothing to do with celebrations. Infact being a hardcore Indian cricket fan I wasContinue reading “Vettai Movie Review: Brothers who bang”

12 films to look for in 2012

It’s always a tradition for a movie maniac as he/she looks forward to the year with some anticipation even though one gets heartbreak, anger, amusement and excitement while watching films. Not giving any general consensus or making a statement on behalf of everyone, but there are some movies that have my date and time fixedContinue reading “12 films to look for in 2012”

SHAAN: The Big Daddy of Entertainment

“There is no failure. Only feedback” – Robert Allen. One of the most successful films ever made in India released in 1975 which has ample space being given in books, film history, cyberspace and every living soul in this part of the world in their lifetime has knowingly given it a view. SHOLAY remains theContinue reading “SHAAN: The Big Daddy of Entertainment”

The cult of SHIVA.

VHS(Video Home System) or Video Cassette as widely known; was a phenomenon during 80’s and as much as torrent & youtube is the in thing nowadays, they carved a niche among people who could enjoy movies at home for a mere rent of Rs.10. Bombino, Indus, Magnum, Garware Gold, Ultra, Shemaroo & Time were theContinue reading “The cult of SHIVA.”

Rockstar Movie Review: Free your wings and feel your string.

After all the hype and hoopla that happened around Diwali for Ra.One and its early hysteria settling down, there was one film which was slowly and assuredly making its date intact among the viewers and for more than one reason. ROCKSTAR which released today on 11.11.11 was in many ways a film eagerly anticipated forContinue reading “Rockstar Movie Review: Free your wings and feel your string.”