My Week with Marilyn

My Week with Marilyn is based on Colin Clark’s The Prince, The Showgirl and Me and My Week with Marilyn; two diary accounts, which explore his time on the sets of  the 1957 film, The Prince and the Showgirl . My Week with Marilyn is directed by first timer Simon Curtis, who in the past had directed T.V. movies like Born in USA,David Copperfield.Continue reading “My Week with Marilyn”

Aisa bhi ho sakta hai pyaar- An ode to Heer

This is a guest blog by Magik where he pays tribute to the romance depicted in Rockstar.

Kuchh kitaabon mein hai padhaa hua
Thodi kahaaniyaan maine sune hue
Ishq aur khuda ka na hua deedaar
Bas karta raha main besabab intezaarContinue reading “Aisa bhi ho sakta hai pyaar- An ode to Heer”

Martin Scorsese on Taxi Driver-Sunday watch

Taxi Driver, directed by Martin Scorsese till date remains one of the most loved movie across movie maniacs, as well as filmmakers across the world.The climax scene is still open to debate and it is one of those movies which you go and watch and come out as a different person.Continue reading “Martin Scorsese on Taxi Driver-Sunday watch”

MAMI 2011- List of Awards and Honors

The 13th International Mumbai Film Festival ( MAMI 2011 ) came to an end tonite ( 20th October ) and given below is the list of awards & honors for the festival.

1. International lifetime achievement award – Morgan Freeman

2.  Indian lifetime achievement award – GulzarContinue reading “MAMI 2011- List of Awards and Honors”

Shyam Raat Seher-Frame worthy

On the day that ‘Shyam Raat Seher’ received the National Awards ( read on for more ) we present to you a piece by the writer-director of the film- Arunima Sharma.

Frame Worthy by Arunima Sharma

After spending 4 years at the Institute I was to make my diploma film. Some fundamental questions stood in my way before I could decide what I wanted to make.

It was important for me to understand my identity. How do I see myself? A young girl in the India of 2010, urban, progressive, exposed to fairly different cultures, ideas, an aspiring filmmaker, seen the world around me change drastically through the 90’s to now, an artist within the context of the contemporary world.Continue reading “Shyam Raat Seher-Frame worthy”