The place where you have a tune as your name…

As Guns & Guitars recently made its debut in the OTT platform MUBI India, it seems like a good time to revisit our sojourn in Shillong, the rock capital of India, during the shoot of the film.

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We took a bit of Assam to the U.S!

Greetings Mr. Kotoky. It pleases us to inform you that your film has been awarded the Treasure Coast International Film Festival award for Best Screenplay. Congratulations! 

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Kolkata-You Humbled Me!!

On the afternoon of 15th of June, Friday, I was a little worried. The notice board outside says, if at least 20 people doesn’t turned up, the show will be cancelled. And a 1:30 pm show in a hot & humid afternoon, on a working day, is not the most ideal time for our Assamese film Xhoixobote Dhemalite/RainbowFields  to start its journey in Kolkata’s Nandan To make the matter more complicated, our PR guy for Kolkata ditched us big time – there was almost no coverage of the release in Kolkata till then. What more, I had couriered the posters of our film from Mumbai one day before my departure, thinking it will be up in the complex at least a day before the show. Big mistake, the posters are lost in transition, with the different city brunches of the courier company trying to solve the mystery.In short, Mr Murphy had proclaimed his undying love for me all over again. Continue reading “Kolkata-You Humbled Me!!”

Lone brother of the seven sisters …

I still remember my first (aborted) attempt to visit Sikkim – also known as the lone bother of the northeastern states of seven sisters – way back in 1996. We, a bunch of friends from across India, boarded a train from Guwahati on a cold night in the end of December with a plan of spending the New Year in Sikkim. But, ironically we had to return halfway as the railway connectivity to the NJP station – in the foothill of Sikkim – was cut off due to a blast by the insurgent…Continue reading “Lone brother of the seven sisters …”

The Things Which We Fail to Express in our Words…

   [life is what happens to us when we are busy planning other things – said John Lennon. And that precisely what  happened to us when the series on Guns & Guitars journey got derailed – or rather took a long halt on the way… But better late than never. We restart the journey here with a visit to the state of Assam…]Continue reading “The Things Which We Fail to Express in our Words…”

Snapshots from IFFI 2015

First a confession – this time I was not in Goa to attend the IFFI. Some other work ensured my presence in Goa in the last week of November.  And to be in Goa during the time of the international film festival and not to be affected by the same is a crime one can’t accuse me of committing. Hence in between my other commitments, I did sneak out as often as I could and spent as much time as possible to catch up with the festival. And thankfully, I did end up catching a few gems! They need not naturally be the widely acclaimed or popular ones – but they were gorgeous nevertheless.Continue reading “Snapshots from IFFI 2015”

Imagine there are no countries…

It was pouring heavily that afternoon as we started our drive from Mumbai to Bengaluru. The announcement in the car radio was warning of possible shut down of the city as there was a strong possibility of thunders shower coupled with the high tide, which was expected to hit the shore of the city soon. We were thanking our stars as we were expected to be out of the city limit by that time…but we thanked our stars too soon! We took a snacking break amidst the downpour at the Panvel unit of the McDonalds outlet. And while re-boarding the car, in a hurry to shelter our daughter Mou’ from the rain, we managed to lock her in the car with the key inside!Continue reading “Imagine there are no countries…”

“Restaurant/ Shop cum Petrol/Diesel Dealer”

Guns & Guitars“Any policies, any programs, project (of the central govt.) we want to apply, we always get nullified because we don’t meet up with the population criteria. Are you indirectly propagating population explosion? In the line of carbon credit  we too should get something called population credit, because we are controlling the population of the country – we are just 17 persons per square km” – the young Parliamentary Secretary (Tourism) from Arunachal, Mr. Pasang Dorjee Sona, was telling me. Although generally I don’t have much to agree with politicians, here I didn’t have much option but to nod in agreement.Continue reading ““Restaurant/ Shop cum Petrol/Diesel Dealer””

….And I started looking inward for the answer

Nagaland-Guns & Guitars“Every Naga can use a gun and everyone can also use a guitar” – says Dr. Nicky Kire, elected representative and the advisor to the Musical Task force, Nagaland. He was talking to us during our sojourn in beautiful Nagaland during the making of Guns and Guitars. Paradoxical although he may have sound, he was speaking the truth. After all we were in the land which has witnessed one of the oldest unsolved insurgency problems in the world. And it is also the only state of the country to have a wing of a ministry dedicated to music – viz., music task force.Continue reading “….And I started looking inward for the answer”