Forensic Producer Mansi Bagla turns Brand Ambassador for Lista Jewels

Forensic Producer Mansi Bagla has recently been announced as the brand ambassador for  a leading luxury diamond jewelry brand Lista Jewels. At the launch party, Filmmakers Abbas Mustan, Vishal Furia, Lloyd Bapista were present to celebrate and extend their good wishes to Mansi. Mansi will represent Lista Jewels and they plan to do a Valentine’s Day campaign that celebrates the contemporary woman and her choice to embrace her individuality with diamond jewellery. The campaign will feature outdoor, digital, and influencer elements and showcase Mansi in different looks flaunting exquisite diamond jewellery pieces by Lista Jewels. The new collection is designed for modern women who view jewellery as a fashion statement and an extension of their personal style.

The appointment of Mansi Bagla is a reflection of Lista Jewels’ commitment to empowering women and celebrating their strength, beauty, and enduring love. Just like a well-crafted film, diamonds have the power to tell a story and evoke strong emotions. They are timeless and a precious reminder of the special moments and people in our lives. The partnership between Lista Jewels and Mansi represents a shared understanding of the connection between women and diamonds.

Mansi Bagla, Founder of film production house Mini Films, expressed her excitement about the partnership. “Diamonds represent more than just luxury and wealth, they symbolize strength, beauty, and enduring love,” said Mansi. “The trust that I have built over the years of my career is not just limited to the quality of the work but also the values that I believe in. Just like my company, diamonds are a symbol of trust and credibility. I am honored to represent a brand that understands and celebrates this connection between women and diamonds.”

Her first film, “Forensic,” received a tremendous response on OTT and has been nominated across categories for this year’s awards season. Mansi is now preparing for her next slate of films, one of which is on the adaption of Ruskin Bond love stories.


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