In Conversation with Actress Luviena Lodh

Luviena Lodh is an Indian actress, who recently played the lead role in EORTV’s recent offering ‘You Complete Me’ alongside Raj Kumar and Punit Bhatia. Luviena is also a trained Bollywood and Jazz dancer. She has also worked in various movies in the Kannada and Telugu industry. Luviena was also a part of a short film called Girl On Heels streamed on Sonyliv and a web series called Humse Na Ho Payega on ULLU.

Lodh has her own YouTube channel called “Luviena Lodh Diaries”.

Luviena spoke to us recently & given below is an excerpt from the same-

How did you prepare for your role in You Only complete me’?
We were preparing for our roles under the guidance of our director Deepak Pandey. We underwent 20 days of workshop together as a team to get into the skin of the character.

How would you describe your character in ‘You Only Complete Me’?
My character Tanya in ‘You only complete me’ is someone with whom every working woman who wants to make it big in her life can relate to. In a corporate male dominant world, she makes her way up and forward with her willpower and determination by believing in herself. Inspite of all the ups and downs in her personal and professional life, she conquers and achieves her desires.

What made you say yes to this character?
I can relate a lot with the character I play on screen. Tanya has a lot of shades. She’s a woman of substance. And believes in her own dreams and takes her own decisions. A small town girl comes to the city and carves her niche.

You have an intimate scene with your coactor. How easy or difficult was it to shoot?
When we shoot for intimate scenes, it’s all very technical. There is a whole unit around you so, as an actor I have learned to treat it like any other job that a professional will do.

As an actor, what inspires you?
It’s something I love where you get the opportunity to play different characters. Also if you can inspire people by your piece of work then i think my job is well done.

Who do you want to collaborate/work with?
I want to work with a lot of directors. A few of them would be-
Vasan Bala, Bhav Dhulia ( Khakee-The Bihar Chapter), Soumendra Padhi (Jamtara), Neeraj Pandey, Sriram Raghavan, Rajamouli Sir and the list is endless.

What are your interests, apart from acting of course?
I enjoy travelling, working out in the gym, fencing, cafe hopping.

Describe your style in 3 words?
Classy, flamboyant, edgy

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