Chakna Choor: Roaleey Ryan talks about her song in I Love Us 2

I Love Us 2 on EORTV has been a success majorly credited to its storyline and a same sex relationship marriage shown between the lead actors Roaleey Ryan and Supyaarde Singh. The show released a new song recently called Chakna Choor which sees Roaleey holding a bottle of alcohol and drinking as she remembers her time shared with her lover Supyaarde who is now getting married. This has made fans and people wonder if she did actually get drunk for the sequence.

Clearing the air, Roaleey commented, “No alcohol is allowed on set so that bottle was filled with juice. I had to act drunk and be in a state of certain high which was difficult to be in as I wasn’t actually intoxicated. The entire journey of filming I Love Us 2 flashed in front of my eyes and I poured it all into this scene. Chakna Choor is a beautiful song and its melody is sure to linger. People have been loving our show and it feels surreal to receive so much admiration and love from fans.”

Talking about the song, Director, Deepak Pandey said, “This is a very emotional, high-octane number. The story progresses considerably through the song and there was a lot of scope for performance. Heartbreak is almost the most widely experienced emotion of our times and it’s absolutely agnostic of sexual preference. Heterosexual don’t experience it any differently than homosexual people”.

While the song is composed, sung & written by Samrat Sarkar the music is produced by Meet Vyas, mixed by Girish Saikia, and additional lyrics are penned by Maqsood Aafaque. I Love us 2 has been in the news recently as a show which features India’s first ever lesbian wedding on-screen on an OTT platform. After the success of the first season featuring Ali Merchant, Ashmita Jaggi, and Harsha Chopda, the makers have upped the ante in the show’s second season making it a wholesome watch.

Here’s the song-

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