Prem Geet 3 (2022) Movie Review: Flatters to Deceive

What are the odds that a Nepali film would get released worldwide, including India? And what are the odds that the film would even get dubbed in Hindi and promoted reasonably well? Well, I was surprised to see that Prem Geet 3, the third film in the Prem Geet franchise (to be honest I had no clue of it’s existence until recently) has actually managed to do all of this and that too in a fairly impressive fashion. Hence, I was but curious to check it out for myself and figure out what’s working (if it is so) in it’s favour? Prem Geet 3 is set at a time when Nepal was ruled by kings. It focuses on a region where two communities can’t stand eye to eye due to historical events. As the title suggests, it is a love story between Prem (Pradeep Khadka) and Geet (Kristina Gurung). Prem belongs to the royal family where his father holds a kingdom which covers 7 villages.
The story and screenplay lack novelty, the conflict may seem genuine in their world but it fails to translate on screen. Also, the romance between the leads lacks chemistry and drama. Not even a single moment between them creates any butterflies and it proves to be a major disconnect. None of the performances in the film leaves an impact or creates any kind of impression including the leads. Pradeep Khadka was trying too hard but fails to deliver, debutant Kristina Gurung looked pretty and that’s about it. The supporting cast are clueless and so was I in the theatre. The film is well shot though, the exquisite snow-capped mountains are very well captured and presented and it gives us a feel of a high-budget film. The music of the film is the only saviour which is given by Aslam Keyi, Kalyan Singh, Alish Karki and Pavandeep Rajan. Prem Geet 3 neither has a spark nor does it ever turn into fire. –Amit Dadhich

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