I want to play roles which are challenging: In Conversation with Model and Actress Roaleey Ryan

Hailing from Delhi, model turned actor Roaleey Ryan has worked in Bollywood Films like Faactory, Blood D, Be – Careful. Most recently she’s been seen in the lead role in She is now being seen playing the lead role in EORTVs web show called I love Us 2, a lesbian drama which deals with same sex relationships. Here’s an excerpt from a conversation with her-

You were a model earlier, what made you change your career to acting?

I love the spotlight and I love being in front of the camera. I love acting and being romanced. I want my everyday to be a new story and the love for acting just grew from there.

How was it playing a lesbian role for the first time in your life for EORTVs I Love Us 2. How nervous were you?

As an actor I want to play roles which are challenging. As an actor I got a chance to show my acting. So I loved it! Loved every minute of it. I didn’t think of it as playing a lesbian because I was RJ Neha who happened to love girls. And that’s what I did. I became RJ Neha. I don’t think I was ever nervous. I was awkward the first time perhaps as to kiss another girl but then that awkwardness kind of vanished the minute the camera rolled.

Tell us something about your journey so far?

My journey has been a roller coaster ride. In fact I just made a video about it on my Youtube channel- My journey in Bollywood! It has been a journey of 12 years and 5 unreleased films. But then, after 12 years my debut film FAACTORY released in the second lockdown 2021 Pan India and was running in Gaiety Galaxy for 2 weeks. In which 3 days it was houseful, to my second release I love Us which is gathering so much of love. I count my blessings daily.

What are your views on same sex marriages?

Love is for loving. Same sex or different…doesn’t matter.

How difficult was it playing Neha’s role?

Not difficult. I took it in my stride and gave it my best.

What are your upcoming projects?

A few narrations are on. The minute I sign my next project I will announce it.

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