I am obsessed with the idea of creation: Says Actress Shalini Pandey

Shalini Pandey who has been active in both Gujarati and Hindi cinema, has been recently receiving a lot of attention for her appearance in the music video, Sajna by Vikram Montrose. Here’s an excerpt from a recent conversation with the talented actress.

You’ve worked in both Hindi & Gujarati cinema. What are the two major differences in both the industries according to you?

Gujarati industry is still evolving and it is yet to find its ground fully, particularly regarding their Urban content, as compared to the hindi film industry. And hence lot of experimentation is taking place, which has its own positive impact.

Secondly, the Gujarati market size is still very small and hence there are genuine budget constraints which somewhere effect the creative process. I am sure with passage of time, Gujarati industry shall also come at par with the south industries and richer contents shall be made in due course.

How has your journey been so far?

Overall a joyful roller coaster ride . It has not been so easy but still very self gratifying. It has helped me to evolve as a person and prepared myself to face the difficulties with lot more patience and strength.

What’s easier, to be an actor or producer? Why?

Nothing comes easy in life, certainly not in creative life journey. I am obsessed with the idea of creation. For me, production is creating something and acting is becoming the created character and living it on screen. There can be phases where one might take precedence over the other but these two professions are basically two sides of the same coin.

Sajna looks beautiful, how did this project come to you?


Vikram Montrose, composer of Sajna is the music composer on my soon to be released film, Fingers Crossed and during the process, he shared the audio track and his vision for Sajna. Right from the time I heard the audio track of the song, I was hooked. It’s an unusual track, very different from the regular fare. What attracted me was the composer’s thought process, sensitive and layered storyline, and the Director’s vision regarding the colour pallete and the production design. In fact everything about this song is very unique and it was a straight off the bat yes for me.

If given a chance, which director would you like to work with?

An easy answer; Sanjay Leela Bhanshali, Imtiaz Ali & Love Ranjan.

Any dream role that you would love to perform?

Actually, the actresses before me have played such landmark characters and created a legacy that there are innumerable dream roles and it is almost impossible to point one or two. And therefore, I wish to play the role myself, which actually becomes my own dream role.

Do share some details about your upcoming projects.

My film, Fingers Crossed, a comedy is ready for release and will release soon. Next is my dream project, an intense love story named Pyaar Hai to Hai, which will go on floor in September. Apart from these two there are two films where the discussions are happening, details of which cannot be revealed at this stage. I am also preparing for one music video to be made very soon.

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