On Mombiyan and More: In Conversation with Actress Ankita Sahu

Actress Ankita Sahu who’s been noticed in “Tera Yaar Hoon Main” has recently completed work on an OTT original series- Mombian – Gul & Sakshi Ki Pyaaari Si Love Story. Here’s an excerpt of a conversation with her where she talks about her Mombian experience, The actress talks about her character, how she bagged the role of Sakhi, and her initial struggling days.

How has Mombian changed your life? Has it impacted your career graph?
The show has changed the mindset of people of taking same sex relationships in certain perspective. Personally, Mombian gave me more clarity that we take these things very lightly, so because of Mombian I could understand the emotions. Sakshi will always be an important character to me because that gave me an experience of playing a character of a pregnant lady which I haven’t played before. Mombian has impacted my career graph and yes it’s a whole new experience for me. Also my family and friends are happy with my performance, I have received amazing feedback.

How was your experience playing Sakshi’s character in Mombian?
Sakshi’s character was so pure and innocent that I could connect with her and her emotions. She’s very easy on her emotions and she’s clear with what she wants. She knows she shouldn’t care about other people and so what she wants. Personally, I’m very much similar to that character because I really feel we should have clarity about what we feel and what we want. Also the story is so good and I’m very happy that I was a part of Mombian and I was able to work with such a talented cast and crew.

So far how has your journey been from modelling to acting?
In the early days of my career yes I’ve modelled for a few projects but it came from an understanding that I always wanted to be an actor only. Even now I’m learning a lot from assistant directors, production team, creative team, I’ve always learnt a lot from the things behind the camera so this is my learning process as an actor and it is an ongoing process.

Any particular role that you would love to play?
I would have loved to play Rani Mukherjee ‘s character in Black, Priyanka in Barfi & Alia Bhatt in Highway, there are so many to add into this list but I really want to do different characters and play different kinds of roles. A place where I can experiment and work under the guidance of great directors such that I can carve myself and exceed in life.

Any upcoming projects in the pipeline?
Yes there is a web series, but i cannot talk much about it now.

What is the message that you would like to give to your fans?
My message to my fans would be that- Know what you want and then work on yourself. I’m a very determined girl, to make things happen in my life which I choose to do. I like to work on myself so that I get better. I would like to tell the same thing to my fans: Try and work on yourself as much as you can, have patience. If you have that determination and self confidence in you nobody can stop you. And lots of love to my fans for showering lots of love and support. thank You

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