I’m glad that I’m in the Music Business: In Conversation with Singer Raahul Jatin

We caught up recently with singer and musician Raahul Jatin, the son of veteran composer Jatin Pandit who has been making a mark for himself with tracks like “Bin Tere”, “Aankhon Ke Ishare” and others, for a quick conversation. Given below is an excerpt from the same-

If not a singer, what would you have become?
So if I wasn’t a singer or I wasn’t in the music business at all, I’d probably be a dancer or maybe an actor or I’d be designing cars. If I was really crazy. I’d probably be a Formula One driver or something, but I’m glad that I’m in the music business because I think I enjoy singing and composing music and I’m good at it.

Whom do you look up to as your ideal ?
As a singer, this may be a very cliched answer but it genuinely is true for me. I do look up to Mohammed Rafi Ji very very much because he is an incredible singer. We all know that. Now as I’m getting into the music industry business and each time I hear him I mean that there are absolutely no second thoughts. He was a brilliant singer, but most importantly the energies of his songs are still so strong and positive. I can just by looking at his pictures, tell that he must have been such a nice person, which is something that you really don’t find in a lot of people.
He seemed like a person who went out of his way to help people and when I listen to him sing or if I see a picture of him, I can really feel the goodness that he had. So that’s another reason I look up to him as well.

Who is your favorite Composer and singer in the Bollywood industry?
My favorite composer in recent times is Pritam Sir, he is my favorite. He’s consistently giving good music. I would go as far as to say, he’s giving all the music pretty much. Most of the movies are done by Pritam Sir and my favorite singer is Arijit Singh sir. I am a huge fan of his voice.

So how do you work with your dad? Do you sit with him while composing a tune ?
I do not, I will usually just do everything, get what’s in my mind out, sort of record the tune, do the music production and then make my dad hear it, and take his suggestions. And sometimes he will just give me something that I’ll do and I’ll be like, wow, this is so much better.

Any international artists whom you admire for their music?
I don’t know these days, I do not listen to English songs as much as I used to. I’m not sure why, but I probably will start doing that. But I like Charlie Puth very much.

On behalf of MAM here’s wishing Raahul all the very best for his forthcoming projects.

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