On the “Bin Tere” experience & more: In Conversation with singer/musician Raahul Jatin

Singer and musician Raahul Jatin, the son of veteran composer Jatin Pandit is currently receiving a lot of attention for his son “Bin Tere”. Here’s an excerpt from a conversation that we had with him recently.

Tell us about the feedback for Bin Tere?
The response has been very good, I’m very happy with it. You know when I try to make a song it is important for me that the song sort of affects me emotionally. If it’s a romantic song I want to feel like a little bit in love and feel happy if it’s a fun song. When I heard this, I felt like it sort of touches something within and gets you into that romantic sort of mood. So I had made my mom and dad hear it and they were way more excited than I was. My mom was like we should make a video of it very soon, because I love the video as much as I love the song, it’s a sweet romantic song which we made it with a very small team, keeping all the precautions in mind and I’m glad that overall it turned out very very nice. I remember watching the whole video getting edited and color corrected plus the audience really seems to like it so I’m very happy with it.

What kind of music do you like to create?
I think it just depends on what inspires me. It’s like my first song was inspired by a song by Charlie Puth. The second one was more of a romantic vibe like Soch Na Sake or Tenu Samjhawan Ki genre. So it really just depends, honestly, I mean, if something inspires me, I will try to sort of grab that spirit of that song and bring it into my own. 

What are your future plans? Do you plan to continue singing and make singles ?
My future, yes, I think I’d definitely want to produce and sing more songs. I sort of want to explore the Indi Artists space and I would also love to sing for Hindi films because that’s every singer’s goal. May be I want to do both like come out, make my own songs, release them, and also parallelly sing in films as playback. 

Any one Bollywood actor for whom you want to playback?
I would be really excited if I get to sing for Akshay Kumar Sir because I really like him. I even try to follow his lifestyle even- eating healthy, working out, his whole persona is what I admire. I genuinely like him not just as an actor but as a human being. I basically enjoy watching movies which don’t take themselves seriously and are fun to watch like Welcome & Singh is King. 

What are your upcoming projects?
There are couple of songs planned out that we will be shooting very very soon and a music company will do a song with Zee as well, so I hope it turns out to be good.

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