On working in Mukesh Jasoos and more: Actress Ruchi Malviya Speaks

Actress Ruchi Malviya who was last seen in Flip, a series directed by Bejoy Nambiar streaming on Eros Now and Alt Balaji’s show The Verdict directed by Ken Ghosh is super excited to have bagged one of the lead roles in Disney +  Hotstar’s New show Mukesh Jasoos. Ruchi will be seen opposite actor Rahul Bagga who plays the role of Mukesh in the series. Ruchi spoke to us recently on her experience of working on Mukesh Jasoos and a lot more. Here are excerpts from that conversation-

What are some of the most impactful reactions that you’ve gotten from your friends and fans for Mukesh Jasoos? And how have things changed for you professionally post it?
It is overwhelming. As a matter of fact Rajeshwari Sachdev called me this morning to mention how refreshing it was to see me in all the scenes. She said I did extremely good and got the body language bang on and said it was pitch perfect. Also a few director friends have appreciated my performance highly, saying how well I have played the character from tonality to dialect to extreme body language. Friends & fans have been only calling me sulz now!
As for the professional front, due to Covid a lot of things are at a stand still, I was in talks for a film & web Series but everything seems to be on hold for a while but am looking forward to more such opportunities once things go back to safe and sound!

How was it working with Poonam Dhillon & Rahul Bagga ?
It was a fabulous experience working with such a talented and experienced star cast. Rahul Bagga is a fantastic costar to work with. He is always so calm and composed. He would let me have my space and creativity in our scenes and again worked his way around me. There were no restrictions to do a scene with him in fact we both improvised as much as we could and the chemistry is for all to see in the show. Poonam Dhillon Ma’am was extremely technically sound in front of the camera, it clearly showed all those years of immense knowledge and experience and I got to learn a lot from that. She taught me how to take light from time to time. Few times when there have been shadows on my face she showed me how to position myself. Couple of times she fixed my hair too before we went in for a take.

 When or how did you land the role?
I had to go through two rounds of auditions. For the first one, I self tested for the character of “Sulekha” as this happened during the first lockdown. I remember shooting all by myself, checking the lights, the camera set up and then performing. Based on that tape , I got a call for the second round of the audition at Humara Movies office where I gave another audition, one of the scenes from the series itself and based on that out of 1000/1200 people, it boiled down to two names, one being mine obviously and I got selected eventually! Ever so grateful.

What did you learn from your character ‘Sulekha”?
No matter how vulnerable you are and come from whatever background, the idea is to keep trying and pursuing the dreams that you have for yourself. Not necessarily it’ll always be right or might work or not work but it’s those risks that you take in life that takes you upwards.

 What do you’ve lined up next after Mukesh Jasoos?
There is a web show in the line up, too soon to talk about it. I have also auditioned for a feature film, hopefully it goes ahead and the covid situation gets better. We should start shooting post July.

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