On the Music Video ‘Manzar’ & More: Lyricist Gibert Chettiar Opens Up

Gilbert Chettiar who has written the lyrics of the recently released song Manzar is the founder of Lafzon Music which is an independent music label by Lafzon Se Ho Bayaan Entertainment. L.S.H.B Entertainment is a U.K. based Music Production company which creates original compositions of all genres and releases across all the streaming platforms worldwide.

Gilbert started writing in 2008 and his first single Baahon Mein was recorded in 2013 and it was sung by Raajiv Bhalla. Later on Hungama music label released it across all audio streaming platforms in the year 2016.

In the year 2018, Gilbert wrote one song ‘Adhure Reh Gaye’ for a very popular web series ‘What The Folks Season 2’ which was directed by Ruchir Arun (Director of The little things – Netflix) and it was produced by Dice Media. Lafzon Music is a Platform to showcase original Indie Music. Gilbert had a chat with us recently on his new single, Manzar and more. Here are excerpts from that conversation.

During this challenging phase, Manzar reminds us to seek delight wherever we can, tell us the idea behind it?

Manzar was born out of my observation and experience.  When the going gets tough, one needs to explore and explode in the right sense. There was no specific idea or intention to make Manzar. Manzar just happened to me on a tenacious note. The song is a reflection of my thoughts which I poured out in the form of lyrics, whilst I was trying to reconnect with myself in difficult times. I didn’t realize that happiness can be found in minuscule things. It was conceived, nurtured and executed in a euphoric way.

How did Vipin Aneja & Salman Ali come on board ?

When I shared the lyrics to the music composer Anshul Sharma, he immediately liked the thought behind the lyrics and it was composed in a couple of day’s time. I told Anshul that Manzar needs a mellifluous yet unusual voice.  So it’ll resonate with people who are actually going through the difficult times or have been in the agonizing situation before.
So we thought of Salman Ali first and I asked Vipin Aneja if he can get Salman Ali on board.

Then we recorded with Salman Ali on 21st October 2020. The song had such an impact that even Vipin Aneja wanted to be part of Manzar. Then we had to redesign the structure. As both Salman Ali and Vipin Aneja range is completely opposite. Eventually things were in place and the magic transpired to another level.

How was it collaborating with Devansh Patel ?

Once the audio of Manzar was ready, I wanted a simple yet thought provoking story for the visual medium. I was looking out for someone who can take the baton forward. So I had a couple of story discussions with singer Vipin Aneja. Then Vipin thought of his dear friend and a prolific actor Prashantt Guptha and he got Devansh Patel on board.

Devansh Patel being a cinephile and a senior journalist/ screenwriter has a superlative itch of storytelling. Devansh not only surpassed my expectations but took Manzar on an optimistic ride. It was an impressive and stupendous experience with Devansh Patel.

#SmilePlease is trending on social media, also many celebs from Bollywood loved the song, how does it feel ?

Indeed #smileplease is trending on social media. To be honest I was not at all prepared for such an overwhelming response from the Music and Bollywood stalwarts. I am grateful for all the love and support we got from the celebs. Gratitude is the best source of happiness that occurred to me at the moment. I couldn’t have asked for more from the universe. It’s a blissful and delighted Manzar for me.

What are your upcoming projects, what lies ahead for Lafzon Music?

With the success of Manzar and the kind of support we received from Bollywood celebs is incalculable. There are a few things lined up- I’m in talks with my composer and keeping the ethos of Lafzon music intact – melodious yet meaningful song and video, we can’t wait to unveil our next creative collaboration.

In less than 3 weeks Manzar has already fetched more than a million views.

Check out Manzar-

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