Bandra Film Festival’s next line up, ” The Reminiscing Collection” to have shorts and engaging docu dramas

New technique and discovery took cinema to the digital stage and now COVID-19 has shifted cinema further towards the OTT and web platforms, which is one more digital form of consuming content. One such web platform Bandra Film Festival, a digital film festival presented by Filmkaravan in collaboration with YouTube has been successfully showcasing a mixed bag of hidden gems from the past, new discoveries and off beat stories of interesting features ,short films and docu dramas.

The festival which has Abhay Deol on its advisory board, will be showcasing a new line up called ” The Reminiscing Collection” consisting of one short and two docu dramas named, ‘Grant St. Shaving Co’.a short romantically emotional film directed by Payal Sethi, ‘Through Our Eyes’, directed by Brahmanand S.Siingh,and ‘Begamon Ka Bhopal’ directed by Rachita Gorowala. The films will go live on 7th April 2021 on the Bandra Film Festival’s Youtube Channel-
This collection is an ode to the varying emotions we go through with the passage of time. Be it Love, Friendship & even Timeless Royalty, this line up promises to take you on an incredible and indelible journey down memory lane.

Andrea Manath, Programmer at Bandra Film Festival, said, “BFF not only aims to feature good cinema from india & the world over and provide a platform for makers to showcase their films but also for them to network cohesively.The festival recognizes the urgency of supporting independent storytellers at a time of great upheaval. Shorts and docu films are all indies and this space is heavily under explored in India. There are many challenges associated with this space but nothing will stop us from celebrating independent films, visionary artists, unique perspectives, and keeping dishing out fabulous content of our adventurous audiences.”

 The 2021 festival which kicked started last month has a slate of 50+ films from filmmakers across the country and across multiple genres, languages and formats.

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