I’m Still Ready for More Work on Taish if Bejoy Sir Wants to Add Anything In…: Says Actor Armaan Khera

Armaan Khera is an Indian film, TV and theatre actor who has also worked as a voice artist and has recently recently featured on a hit single known as ‘No Time’ by Vylom. He made his acting career in Mumbai with his first role as ‘Vidhaan’ in Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘Everest’ which aired on Star Plus, globally. Most recently Armaan featured as Jassi in Bejoy Nambiar’s ‘Taish’ which is now streaming on Zee5.

In a recent conversation with us Armaan spoke to us about his experience on working in Everest and Taish and a lot more. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation-

How was it working with Bejoy Nambiar?

Working with Bejoy Sir is an experience unlike any other. I suggest any artist that happens to land an audition for one of Sir’s projects, to give it their very BEST. A man that won’t take no for answer ends up becoming a magician and that’s what Sir is. We faced more than a few challenges during our schedule for Taish but he made sure that this was a memorable experience for our audience. His passion is evident and pulls us in like magnet to make the best of now. I enjoyed an experience of a lifetime. Thank you Sir !

Tell us about your role in ‘Everest’ and experience working with Ashutosh Gowariker ?

I played ‘Vidhaan’ in Ashutosh Sir’s first telenovela. It is an honour and remains a pleasure to have been blessed with such an opportunity during the initial phase of my career. It felt like I was in my first year at Hogwarts, witnessing magic for the first time. Thanks to the exceptional team we had, I was able to learn more about the art of filmmaking than I expected and always left the set with a smile. Playing Vidhaan will always be a significant part of my journey as I understood more about myself as an actor and how much I actually love the art. Can’t thank you enough, Sir!!

Tell us about your experience working with Jim Sarbh, Harshvardhan Rane…

Harshvardhan Rane is my older brother. Not just in the film, but for real. He’s had my back on and off set and even after the project was over. One of the most down to earth humans on the planet that I’ve been more than blessed to have in my life. He will always be Pali to me and Saloni will always be my Bhabhiji. I must say that everybody on set was a delight to be around. Jim, Pulkit, Kriti, Saloni, Sanjeeda,    Zoa, Ekansh, Saurabh Sir, Ankur, EVERYONE ! We have a family now and it’s a beautiful feeling to have them all in my life! Not only are they exceptional artists, they are exceptional human beings.

You have acted, sung & also have written lyrics in Bejoy Nambiar’s Taish. Which aspect of it did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed all aspects, equally. They all served as an opportunity to contribute and make this project what it is today. Every moment spent on this found a special place in my heart so it’s difficult to choose. If I were only allowed to choose one then it would have been the acting part since there was significantly more time spent on living as Jassi. I’m still ready for more work on Taish if Bejoy Sir still wants to add anything in. Haha 🙂

Tell us about No Time’ (2020), by Vylom and ‘Bombay West’ (2020). How did they take off ? 

I met both Vylom and Siktan during the start of 2020. Both struck me as legendary artists and working with them was inevitable. ‘No time’ was a spontaneous project which paved the way for a wave of work that we’ve been occupied with recently. Our sequel to No Time, ‘No brakes’, releases this Christmas. ‘Bombay West’ was Siktan’s first song as a hip hop artist and I was honoured to work with him during the initiation of his presence in the game. When the video for ‘Bombay West’ released, we began working on his next song called ‘Bombay Ka Jadoo’ which we completed shooting the music video for last week. 

What inspired you to take up music? 

I’ve always been drawn towards art. I just wish I allowed myself a chance to pursue it earlier. I grew up watching films and dancing to music. As I grew older, I noticed myself getting distracted by other opinions of what I should do with my life. After moving to New Zealand for further studies, I started making music with the family we built in Wellington. Progressing in music gave me the confidence to actually drop out of college for the second time and start auditioning in Mumbai and making music full time. 

Tell us about your upcoming projects? 

Currently, I’m preparing for a role in a music video for Nikko Wadley’s song, ‘I’ll Go Harder’ and also developing a comedic cooking show using my father’s institutional kitchen, Jessar Foods, situated in DLF Gurugram. Other than these two, I’m working on two short films directed by Vaibhav Sharma (@sharmajiedit) & Emiee Sharma (@emieesharmaphotography). I continue auditioning whenever my agency sends me exciting scripts. I’ve grown accustomed to the process and await to surprise you all with my future projects!

Here’s wishing Armaan all the very best for his forthcoming projects.

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