20 Must Watch Films At IFFI 2019 (Phase 1)

It is the 50th year of the government organised International Film Festival of India and the organisers have done a fabulous job in getting in the best of contemporary world cinema to the shores of Goa. The Phase 1 of the schedule is out. Here is our small (and hurried attempt) in helping you choose the best films from the marquee film event.

We have mentioned the code of each film so that it helps our readers in finding it in the schedule. Our list is limited only to the contemporary world cinema which many of our authors have caught up at previous films festivals like MAMI last month.

So here we go:

1. Parasite – D02

2. Portrait of a Lady on Fire – A05

3. System Crasher – A31, D91

4. Sorry We Missed You – B42

5. Beanpole – C23

6. Queen of Hearts – C02

7. Deerskin – B71

8. Synonyms – B92

9. Les Miserable – C71

10. Honey Boy – A22

11. Hellaro – A11

12. A Son – A45

13. And Then We Danced – A34

14. Antigone – B01

15. A White, White Day – B22

16. I was at home, but – B05

17. Pain and Glory – D22

18. Hearts and Bones – D32

19. The Steed – D42

20. So Long, My Son – D75

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