Ashutosh Rana takes a 180 degree turn in playing an upright lawyer

Actor Ashutosh Rana, after giving strong performances in recent movies like Simmba, Mulk and Dhadak is back now with his next feature film. He was one of the most terrifying villains of the 90’s who with Tamanna, Zakhm, Dushman and Sangharsh, terrorised an entire generation of cinema lovers. Ashutosh Rana will be now seen as a good samaritan in upcoming social drama Chicken Curry Law. The actor who has had a fulfilling and strong career trajectory was seen an abhorred rapist and serial killer in Dushman while his character in Chicken Curry Law takes 180 degree turn where he plays a lawyer, Advocate Sitapati Shukla who represents a rape victim.


Ashutosh’s advocate Sitapati Shukla is an upright person and someone who considers the law above everything else. It is the gospel truth for him. He puts up a tooth and nail fight to bring criminals to justice and raises multiple questions about the society at large.

Talking about his character in the film, Ashutosh Rana said, “I play a character called Sitapati Shukla. It’s an extremely socially relevant film and I thoroughly enjoyed working on the film as a change maker.”

Talking about contrasting character portrayals, the actor added, “It is unfair to compare two films and two roles. An actor’s job is to play various roles or else it would become an excruciatingly boring job. It’s an interesting observation though- a criminal in Dushman and now a lawyer who protects a victim’s interests. You can say that my role in Dushman has allowed me to understand the psyche of such criminals and hence playing a lawyer now which is the opposite end of the spectrum comes from a place of understanding. A good lawyer should have an understanding of the criminal’s psyche. Isn’t it?”

Chicken Curry Law, directed by Shekhar Sirrin stars Ashutosh Rana, Makarand Deshpande in lead roles. It is being release by Panorama Studios on 9th August.

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