In Conversation with Raahul Jatin: On Aankhon Ke Ishaare and More

Veteran Music composer, Jatin Pandit’s (Jatin– Latin) son Raahul Jatin made his debut in the music industry recently with a groovy yet melodious single ‘Aankhon Ke Ishaare’ which released on Zee Music Company’s youtube channel. Composed and sung by Raahul Jatin, Aankhon ke Ishaare has gone to become very popular in a short time. Here’s part of a conversation that he had with us a short while ago-


Congratulations Raahul and welcome to the crazy world of showbiz. When did you decide music is the way forward?

When I was 15 I decided that I want to join the Music business. Primarily because singing comes to me more naturally. If my dad says learn this song and sing then that would be a way easier job for me rather than doing mathematics, which I may find difficult, so as I grew up I understood that singing is what I should do because I enjoy doing it.


What kind of training did you go through for music?

When I was 5 my dad started teaching me classical music, also when he would compose he would make me sing that song which I feel is a very great way of training because classical music and play back singing are two different ball games.  Singing a song which is composed by somebody else and delivering it the way the composer feels satisfied with is very different and difficult. I got that training from my dad and I guess I am blessed to have it.

I’m sure you would have trained extensively with your father, if you are to summarize in two lines about him as a ‘Guru’ what would it be?

My Dad is very hardworking and dedicated towards music this is something which I have seen and experienced over these years. Unless he is 100% satisfied with his work and knows he has created something cool he will never let go, he will keep polishing and this takes lot of dedication, sincerity and efforts and this is what I want to incorporate from him in myself.

Music has moved to the digital medium and the rules of the game have changed. You too have chosen digital as your launch pad. Don’t you think its a cluttered space and its easy to get lost that too for a debutante who is yet to establish his mark ?

Digital space is I think the future and all artists are moving towards it. Since I sing, dance and  do gymnastics, it is a great medium to showcase all my talents. At the end of the day it is about hard work, irrespective of the medium that you are catering. If you have given your best shot you will be noticed.

From what we have seen of the video, you come across as a trained dancer. Did you take formal training?

Yes I did take training from Shiamak Davar’s Academy briefly as I always enjoyed dancing. I used be a very shy kid but once I grew up and opened up a little bit I really enjoyed dancing now I m very goofy at parties dancing on top of tables. I also enjoy making dance interesting videos. I tried to incorporate dancing in the Ankhon Ke Ishare video because dance has a certain visual appeal; it also makes the video interesting.

Do you think performance is an added pressure for a singer these days? What according to you make for successful digital artistes?

I don’t think its a pressure. If you dance its great if you don’t its okay I mean you should be happy with whatever you do in the video but, yes dancing can help you, but i believe you should be happy doing whatever you do.

Are you targeting playback going forward? Which composers would you like to work with?

Yes playback is on my mind I would definitely want to do playback singing in future. I would love to work with all composers. It would be great. Can’t single out any. They are all different and great in their space.

What are your major takeaways from Aakohn ke Ishare- composing it to the video and its release?

Its a lot of hard work regardless of what product you are working on. You have to be dedicated and keep polishing until you are sure, so that what you are performing is great and people find it interesting. Also it is important to learn from your mistakes. Be it singing, composing, dancing or shooting the video, at every stage there have been learnings, certain things went great and few things could have been better, so when I get to it the next time I will certainly draw from my notes and not make those mistakes. There will be fresh mistakes thought (chuckles).

Are you planning more singles? What genre of music do you identify yourself with ?

Yes I am planning more singles I would want to come out with my singles every two months. I won’t say that there is one particular genre I sing romantic songs very well I sing fast songs very well also.

Who is you all time favourite singer and why ?

I would say Charlie Putt songs are my favourite. Mohammad Rafi sir Kishore Kumar Sir, Lataji, Asha Bhosleji, are my favourite, they are really magical when they sing.

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