Drishyam Films Founder Manish Mundra Publishes, “Kuch Adhuri Baatein Mann Ki”-A Collection of Poems

Manish Mundra, Founder, Drishyam Films Pvt. Ltd. launched his first Hindi poetry book “Kuch Adhuri Baatein Mann Ki” this month. The heartfelt collection is a series of poems; exploring the myriad of unsaid thoughts and fears a man goes through.

Manish Mundra set up Drishyam Films with a motive to bring stories of the heartland closer to the people. Having successfully ventured from corporate to the movies, the adept Manish Mundra is also now a published author.

The founder’s artistic streak is captured in his book published by ‘Munjal Publishing House’, which is now available on Amazon. In his book of poems, he weaves a sense of the magic and power that thoughts have in our lives.

Commenting on his published work, “The inspiration to write the book of poems has stemmed directly from the thoughts I have at the multiple realms of life. Hence, being very close to my heart. I am glad to share this enriching experience with the readers. I hope they enjoy it whilst savouring some thoughts of the heart.”

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