Indian Multiplexes Now all set to Take Care of the Annoying Moviegoer

Aren’t we all used to watching movies in multiplexes and single screen cinemas where there is now a problem that is growing day by day, one that has been a threat to a serious movie buff’s movie watching experience? Well we are talking about the annoying mobile phone of course, a useful tool generally but a tremendous irritating factor at the cinemas. Haven’t you come across people talking loudly on their mobiles even in the middle of a movie, with the least amount of botheration for the people around them? Haven’t we seen people annoyingly playing games/checking their social media platforms/chatting or just randomly fiddling with their phone, without caring to see if the bright screen of their mobile phone/tablet is disturbing others or not? Yes multiplex chains in particular do carry advertisements requesting patrons to put their mobile phones on silent mode or to switch it off while watching a movie? But how impactful has this been so far? Nothing seems to work mostly and you end up having to ask the concerned person to refrain from using his phone, even if that means you may have to get into a nasty argument at times.

But now there could be something for all of us to cheer, apparently the Multiplex Association of India (MAI) has decided to ask all their partner members to take uniform strict action against annoying moviegoers. As an outcome that is likely to emerge, all the leading multiplex chains are now set to introduce a check to begin with their select properties in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad initially. The check mechanism indicated is likely to bring in select operations personnel deputed inside the auditoriums to keep a watch on errant patrons who misuse their mobile phones watching a movie. Sources from the MAI say that the errant patrons would initially receive a warning from the concerned operations personnel deputed by the multiplex and a repeat offence or failure of compliance would lead to the mobile phones being confiscated (handed over after the movie of course).

Though unwilling to be named, our source added that “the MAI has been facing complaints from numerous patrons of various multiplexes from across India and the multiplexes themselves; hence they have decided that it is time for some strict action.”  The new check mechanism is to be introduced in a phased manner from 15th April, 2019 onwards. Post a 3 month trial across select multiplexes from the top 8 cities, there is likely to be a National roll-out of the same.

Now doesn’t this make you smile and look forward to watching movies at the cinemas peacefully hereafter? Well you are not alone then as we at MAM would probably welcome such news as well. At this moment here’s wishing all of you a very Happy April Fool’s Day Ha Ha Ha 😀 !!!

P.S- The whole post is intended only as a April Fool’s Day joke and not to be taken seriously. But we at MAM would sincerely appeal to everyone to either switch off their mobile phones or keep it on silent mode while watching a movie. Enjoy your time at the cinemas, let others enjoy theirs as well. 

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