Ghaath Trailer: Thriller short film by Chhatrapal

We keep plugging short films and movies on this portal, but posts like these mean just a little more to us as we feel a sense of pride in sharing stuff made by one of our very own author.

Chhatrapal, who wrote this brilliant analysis of the Mani Ratnam movie Thalapathi starring Rajinikanth, is all set to come out with a short film and our expectations are high. Well, if you go through Chhatrapal’s analysis, it wouldn’t be unfair to expect something out of the ordinary from him.

The film Ghaath is based in the Naxalite areas of Maharashtra and is about an undercover left-wing ultra who wants to track down a police officer responsible for the death of his brother.

Check out the rough trailer and do let us know what you think about it.


Chhatrapal also plans to make a feature film based on this short.


You can check out a previous short film by him over here.


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