Singer Madhura will now sit in the judge’s chair of Sur Nava Dhyas Nava

Madhura Kumbhar

Madhura who became a household name by proving her flair as a versatile singer, now will be back on television as the Judge of the reality show. She will be responsible for unearthing a hidden gem within kids of India in the upcoming reality show “Sur Nava Dhyaas Nava” on Colors Marathi.

The message from the auditions is loud and clear – “Baccha mat samjhana uncle” (Don’t underestimate us, Uncle). “The Kids are super talented and their performance is unmatched to their age, “there are immense learnings on personal level from the super talented kids”, quotes the celebrity judge Madhura.

She has earned this place by proving herself as a versatile singer in many reality shows and already being a popular judge.Madhura is a proven star amongst viewers in the recent edition of Sur Nava Dhyaas Nava, she had proved her metal by performing on variety of songs. She has returned as judge on the basis of her immense popularity.

She is an ever-growing singer and a sizzling stage performer.  She has been invited across the country to be part of many live shows. Her singing talent and charming aura makes her favourite singing star of audience cutting across all the age categories. Today she’s the most capable judge for discovering the future singers and owns this task responsibly.



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