Drishyam Films Presents ‘The Masters’, A New Monthly Series that opens with Nagesh Kukunoor’s Hyderabad Blues

The screening is in celebration of 20 years of the
landmark indie film’s release


Drishyam Films is organising THE MASTERS, a monthly series of curated screenings and conversations with master filmmakers.

In an effort to give the audiences and film buffs a unique and enriching cinematic experience, Drishyam Films will host screenings and interactions with noted filmmakers, actors, cinematographers, editors and producers.

Kick-starting this series will be a screening of Hyderabad Blues followed by a master class by the film’s director, Nagesh Kukunoor himself. 

The event will take place on July 17, 2018, 8 pm at PVR Andheri, Citimall. 

The film, released on the same day 20 years ago, will be introduced by by writer-producer Nikhil Taneja who will also be the moderator of the Q and A to be followed. 

The event is free and open to all, based on a first-come-first serve basis. Registrations can be made at http://www.drishyamfilms.com/events/
Manish Mundra, founder and promoter of Drishyam Films, is excited to kick off the Masters with a screening of the cult indie. “We are very happy to kick off the Masters with a screening to celebrate 20 years of Hyderabad Blues. Nagesh started a new revolution with this self-funded film, the fruits of which we are enjoying even today. It will be great for the audience and for us to revisit this incredible journey with him.” Drishyam Films has also produced Dhanak, written and directed by Kukunoor. 

He adds, “We have an exciting line-up of films and conversations to follow, which I’m sure will appeal to the aspiring filmmaker and the average cinephile alike.”

Synopsis: A romantic comedy about a man caught between two cultures. Varun, a Non Resident Indian, returns home to Hyderabad, India after a span of 12 years. He quickly finds that he can’t relate to most things that were once second nature to him. Much cultural confusion ensues and Varun experiences it the most with his two friends – Sanjeev and Harish. His parents, relatives, and even his milkman want to know whey he isn’t married, since he is slipping past his prime into the dreaded thirties. He wonders, if his best friend Sanjeev is going through an arranged marriage, why can’t he? Enter Ashwini – the self-made “”foreign-hating”” doctor whom he meets at Sanjeev’s arranged marriage to Seema. He is attracted to Ashwini because in her he sees the India he once understood and left behind. He falls in love with her adding another parameter to his confusion. The clear differences between his adopted culture and the one she believes in are a constant irritant, which ultimately leads to their separation and each of them agreeing to marry someone else. However, at their respective alters they both decide to go after what their hearts truly desire. Through a series of comedic errors, they finally come together. The issue of which place is better is never answered. After all, home is where you want to be. 

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