“Debuting in a friend’s movie assures you of a firm footing in your career.”- Nusrat Jafri.

Love and how it finds you with all its quirkiness in today’s times. That is how debutant DOP Nusrat Jafri describes her maiden venture Kuch Bheege Alfaz. Directed by Onir, the film opened in the Valentine’s day weekend with a promise to present a refreshingly new take on ageless love. Judging by the response the film has garnered, it sure has delivered on that promise and more!

So how was the experience of working on the film? Nusrat says it was a dream, especially since Onir is a friend. “When you get to work with a friend you love admire and respect professionally. You know your first foot has been placed correctly,” she quips in a freewheeling whatsapp conversation. Quite apt I think, given how love blooms in the film on the app as well!

Nusrat says love is the highlight of the movie. Love in our time. So is it a radical millennial’s view point of relationships and intimacy? “It’s interesting that though the story is structured around social media and the newness of technology the approach to the story has been conventional,” says Nusrat. “Our shot taking and ‘visual’ approach to the film has been conventional,” says she, adding that this was by design and not accidental.

“We did not want overwhelming shot movements taken on cranes and gimbals. I relied on mood lighting and compositions,” says Nusrat talking about her approach to shooting the film and capturing its essence in every frame.

As the conversation veered to the team on the sets, Nusrat had some fond memories of working with acclaimed director Onir. “We have worked on a few projects before together, it’s always been great,” says she, who considers Onir her mentor. “New faces in the cast added freshness to his storytelling, and to my work, effortlessly,” she quips when asked about the film starring rank newcomers and debutants in the lead. “Geetanjali and Zain and Shray were a dream to work with!”

As we said goodbye to the brief chat on the app, I couldn’t but help wonder how things have changed so much with how we communicate, and yet remained so same in essence! Kuch Bheege alfaz sheds light on such beautiful moments where love blossoms in a modern technological world, yet remains its old innocent warm self! Catch the movie at a screen near you, like they say in the chat world, ASAP!



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