TVF pays tribute to all the teachers with this unusual story of ‘Secret Lectuaar’

From the TVF stable, creators of the most compelling web content in India and makers of the immensely popular series like “TV Pitchers”, “Permanent roommates”, “TVF Tripling” amongst others, comes a heartfelt video “Secret Lecturaar”, which pays tribute to all the teachers on the occasion of Teacher’ Day.

Drawing inspiration from the Aamir Khan’s upcoming film, ‘Secret Super Star’, ‘Secret Lecturaar’ narrates the story of a young teenage girl who has always revered her teachers more than her parents. Growing up she had posters of Sarvapaali Radha Krishnan on her walls and bowed not to Lord Rama or Krishna but to Bhagwaan Dronacharya. This perennial Pink-Floyd hater never leaves the kids alone because she is good at Mathematics and wants to root out Mathphobia from their tender minds. The video captures her aspirational journey as she faces a severe challenge when her dad objects to her career choice. He feels that teaching is a thankless job with no monetary incentive whatsoever. The girl, undeterred in her resolve, braves all barbs and beating to keep her dream alive. Soon she crosses path with a famous Professor who is a modern day Dronacharya and is applauded for his teaching prowess. The Professor motivates her and exposes her to Unacademy, a platform through which she can reach thousands of kids across the world and teach them. Through their interaction she realizes how Unacademy Educators are revolutionizing the world of teaching and soon gets sucked into this exciting world and ends up recording a video of her own. Still afraid of her dad’s tirade, she chooses to go anonymous. But her lectures turn out to be so awesome that she soon turns into a social media sensation albeit an anonymous one. All the students start referring to her as ‘Secret Lectur..aar’.

Commenting on the collaboration, Gaurav Munjal, CEO & Co-founder, Unacademy, said, “Teaching is not (yet) a respected profession in India, and is in fact looked down upon by some. Even the smartest people in the world are doing everything else but sharing their knowledge. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, this video shows that you don’t need to do a full time job to teach and you can contribute in your own way using Unacademy’s Educator app.”

Commenting on the partnership, Vijay Koshy, Head of Brand Partnerships, TVF said, “A leading and innovative education brand and India’s favorite storytellers come together for the first time! We wanted to tackle the topic of education in a fun, light hearted but impactful way! That’s what we have achieved through this video. It’s our way of celebrating great teachers and we hope our viewers are inspired to teach and make a difference.”

You can watch the video here:



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