Anything But Bollywood

Anything But Bollywood, is a new podcast on the IVM (Indus Vox Media) network. It features conversations with India’s best independent filmmakers and creators as they talk to filmmaker Neha RT about their journeys, and what it means to survive and thrive in a niche, outside of mainstream Bollywood. With this show Neha RT hopes to inspire young filmmakers with stories of the alternative filmmaker’s life, their passions, failures, and world view. The lineup for the first season includes well-known guests like ad filmmaker Prahlad Kakkar, actress Kalki Koechlin, documentary filmmakers Paromita Vohra, Shaina Anand, Kamal Swaroop, and independent filmmakers ‘Q’, Ashim Ahluwalia, Shonali Bose, Guneet Monga, and film festival programmer Deepti Dcunha. 

The latest episode, the sixth in the series features filmmaker Kamal Swaroop as he takes us through his journey of ‘surviving’ having made an underground cult film ‘Om Dar Ba Dar’, and then shifting gears to making documentaries. The podcast is a treasure trove of insights and experiences of this thoroughly original filmmaker.
Quotes from Kamal Swaroop Episode:
‘Take a position that is unique, that is your politics of survival’ (on his intent while making ‘Om Dar Ba Dar’)  
‘Before you delude others you have to delude yourself’
‘It’s a surprise every time. I sit in front of a computer in the morning, when I used to write and I’ll be so excited because I wont know that what is going to happen, what kind of line is going to come, or what kind of image is going to emerge. The beauty is in the surprise’ 
You are constructing the film and it is constantly disintegrating’ (on the process of filmmaking)
Indus Vox Media is an audio entertainment space created to host varied podcasts across genres. Some of their successful podcasts are #NoFilterNeha, Cyrus Says, Cricketwallah Chronicles, Maed In India etc and this July, Indus Vox Media has launched two new podcasts titled Anything But Bollywood and season two of The Rediscovery Podcast.

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