Ultra Group launches 3 dedicated Mobile apps for Devotional music lovers this festive season

Ultra Group launches 3 dedicated Mobile apps for Devotional music lovers this festive season.
  • “1008 Sai Bhakti Sagar” , “1000 Bhim Geet (Mahanayak Babasaheb Ambedkar)” & 1008 Shri Ganesh Vandana
  • Each App offers more than 1000 Devotional, Inspirational & Thematic Songs, Bhajans, Mantras, Shlokas , Artis, Kathas, Dhuns, Kirtans, video stories ( chamtkars ), audio recitals etc
  • Each app is available in a  lucid, clutter free & easy to follow English, Hindi & Marathi Languages, wherein one can download what they want and cherish it as per their convenience and even set it as their caller tunes
These Apps are launched with an objective of providing a spiritual & religious zeal in this festive season. With the advent of the various festivals starting with the pious Shravan month along with the Janmashtami & Dahi handi festival and continuing beyond Ganeshotsav, these clutter free music apps are your ideal company to celebrate its blissful spirit
During festivals, these apps can be widely used to play devotional and inspirational songs seamlessly & error free. Each app stores a huge collection of various forms of music tracks on that particular topic. This makes it a one stop platform for all your favorite & rare tracks that you need for that moment, hence reducing your stress & time of finding it from different sources.
Following are its details of apps launched:
  • 1008 Sai Bhakti Sagar: This consists of more than 1000 soulful Saibaba songs, Bhajans, mantras, video stories (chamatkar), Dhun, audio recital of katha, video songs etc. One can also download his favourite caller tune from the app itself. This includes popular songs like Hari om Hari Om Sai Om Sai Om…..Vo To Apana Saibaba Tha, Mere Ghar Ke Aage Sainath Tera Mandir Ban Jaye, Mere Sar Pe Sada Tera Hath Rahe… and many more. Link to download this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ultra.saibhaktisagar
  • 1000 Bhim Geet (Mahanayak Babasaheb Ambedkar): This app consists of 1000 inspirational audio and video songs depicting virtues of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. This includes popular songs like Avatari Ek Mahapurush, Buddham Sharnam Gachham, Bhim Ke Lakhte Jigar… and many more. Link to download this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ultra.bhimgeet
  • 1008 Shri Ganesh Vandna: This app consists of more than 1000 joyous & melodious devotional songs to pray and praise Lord Ganesha with unique Aarties, Mantras, Dhuns, Gauri Geet, Shaktitura, Doublebari audio and video songs. This includes popular ganpati songs like Sukhkarta Dukhharta aarti sung by Vaishali Samant, Jay Ganesh Jay Ganesh Jay Ganesh Deva sung by Suresh Wadkar, Ganpati Raya Padate Mi Paya… and many more. Link to download this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ultra.shriganeshvandana
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