Farhan Akhtar The Husky Handsome Technophile

What is it that this man can’t do or hasn’t done or wouldn’t be doing? The Exhibit Magazine is exhilarated to reveal the July’17 issue featuring exclusively on the cover “the unconventional” Farhan Akhtar.

The man who has donned many caps, be it of a director, screenwriter, producer, actor, playback singer, lyricist or a television host. But did you also know that he is a hardcore tech freak? This human is cognizant about the world he lives in, we would say.

“This issue is tuned around music. Call it the monsoon effect or the man- Farhan Akhtar himself. Probably the only actor I know who has transcended from Director to Actor to Producer to Singer to a Musician. And now he is moving towards writing his own songs. A self confessed techy and a gamer who loves technology as much as we do.” Ramesh Somani, Founder, Publisher & Chief Editor of The Exhibit Magazine

Farhan’s well-placed answers, quipped in his signature husky, muffled voice during an interesting conversation made us realised that his brain works different than most , and we’re not surprised. In the process, he gave us crisp about his Environmental initiative & association with The National Geographic, MARD, Magic Bus and on being the UN Regional Women ambassador of #HeforShe. His dedication to his projects is certainly galvanizing.

We also found out that on a scale of 1-5, Farhan Akhtar would give himself a 5 as a techy & currently owns 8 pairs of headphones, the usage of which depends on his mood.

‘I am very interested in tech and different gadgets. Whenever I travel I am constantly browsing my phone to check what new gadget is out. So, as I am speaking to Exhibit Magazine which is all about tech, I must tell you that when I travel to London, New York, I keep checking magazines to get updated about tech and also future predictions like the gadget of future. I am so fascinated by technology, you know it changes so fast. You buy something today and within 3 months it goes on the verge of becoming obsolete because something new is coming.’- Farhan Akhtar

The magazine also features India’s leading fashion & commercial photographer Mr. Tarun Khiwal as the Photographer of the month and Kunal Rawal, the youngest inspiring designer to have showcased at LFW, as Fashion Designer of the month. Also carrying gripping & enlightening content such as an exclusive detailed review of the German Brute; Volkswagen Tiguan & Oneplus 5, impact of GST on the Tech Industry & a brilliant compilation of the best music festivals from around the world.



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