Dr.Balamurali Krishna Memorial Trust Launched

Legendary musician Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna’s memorial trust was launched yesterday in Chennai. This memorial was launched by  Isaignani Ilayaraja. The event was attened by Dr.T V Gopalakrishnan, Nalli kuppusami chetty, Smt. Sudha Ragunathan, Unni Krishnan and cleaveland Sundaram.

Speaking on this occasion, Nalli Kuppusami Chetty said, ” Balamurali Krishna sir is a musical genius. Once when I asked him how he is so relaxed even when other instrumentalist are tensed before his concerts, he casually said, “the strings should be tensed but not the playing fingers” . I am happy Ilaiyaraaja sir launched this memorial. I must say Raja sir’s re recording is the best in the world. I was shocked when I learnt ‘Mundaanai mudichu’ ‘s re recording was completed in just 3 hours !!!”

Isaignani Ilaiyaaraja said , ” Balamurali Sir’s talent and knowledge in music is unimaginable and unmatchable. Once Balamurali Sir and Bhim Sen Joshi had gone for a song recording. Balamurali Sir had gone about his usual habit of having lots of coffees and butter milk and has offered them to Bhim Sen Joshi as well. Bhim Sen Joshi refused to have anything saying it might affect his voice. On hearing this , Balamurali sir has told , “if just a coffee can harm ur voice , how do you expect the 7 swarangal to heed to you “. Such was his confidence and Character !!! I am really honoured to inaugurate this memorial trust. I always feel Carnatic music is superior to all other forms of music. Almighty might have taken away Balamurali Sir too soon from us but his fame, works and achievement will live forever “

It was announced that Andhra Pradesh state goverment will give one lakh rupees every year to Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna memorial trust to help music students. They have also announced his birthday as their ‘Music day’ and have renamed their goverment music college to his name.

Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna Memorial Trust
Trustees are:
1. Mangalampalli Abhiram
2. Dr.Mangalampalli Sudhakar
3. Dr.Vamsie Mohan
4. Dr.K.Krishnakumar
5. Vibhu Balamurali

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