Screenpatti Launches its First Web Series-Office vs Office

After a super successful run of  Daaru Pe Charcha web sketch ScreenPatti launch its first web series Office vs Office on TVF’s premium content destination – . It’s hilarious, funny and entertaining!

Office Vs Office is written by Amol Parashar, Tarun Singhal, Puneet Batra and Rohan Narula  and directed by Ashutosh Matela.


​Office vs Office is a comedy-drama​, tells the story of the Red Capers Co. and their employees ​ from two different worlds – corporate and creatives. It tries to find a balance between the maddening demands of the client and stumbling upon a crazy way which turned the world upside down. The web series revolves around 12 characters typical group of a office employees, where the workday consists of ego clashes, awkwardness and office cubicle gossip.


​The series has many actors and actresses known particularly for their improvisational work.

Charater 1 – Cyrus Sahukar (Hemant aka Bhedu)

He has an impressive personality. He graduated from one of the IITs, the best engineering college in the country. He has founded his own company and loves his job and all his employees.

Character 2 – Palomi Ghosh (Shikha)

She is a go-getter in life and a no-nonsense person. She loves her job and is often at loggerheads with Hemant with regards to the company. She has always been alert to what was going on, and her comments are concise and to the point.​

Character 3 – Akanksha Thakur (Dimple)

She is the pretty HR, who loves dressing up, and looks up to Shikha in terms of work. At work she basically ensures the smooth functioning of the company and is the glue that tries to hold the two different offices together.

Character 4 – 

​Sudhir Kumar​  (Dadda)

He is a dreamer and a believer in following your passion. He dreams of his outfit becoming the biggest and the best production house in ‘Candid Photography & Videography’.

About ScreenPatti

ScreenPatti is a 2 year old YouTube channel with more than 280K subscribers! It has garnered over 26.3 million views across its over 63 experimental parodies, spoofs, comedy/satire sketches. Out of these 6 videos have already crossed a million views and the other fifteen, about half a million views. ScreenPatti’s highlight has been the Superhero universe which was created with ‘ThatMan Begins’, a superhero with middle class powers and Scavengers(crossed 1.3 million views) where some of the Indian Superheroes like Shaktiman, Captain Vyom, Super Commando, Nagraj reunite to discuss their lost glory in the world of famous superheroes like Spiderman, Superman and Batman. All of these led by their genius mentor Chacha Choudhury. Other series like Dumbsmash, Bollywood Cricket Commentary, Leaked phone calls of Bollywood celebrities, Small Talk etc. will lead you to binge watch all the videos for sure.​

Enjoy the first episode of  ScreenPatti’s  new web series OFFICE vs OFFICE here:

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