Basil Content And Pocket Films Team Up for Shorts

Noted film producer Vivek Kajaria (Fandry, Siddhant, Raakshas) today announced that his company ‘Basil Content Media’ has teamed up with Sameer Mody’s ‘Pocket Films’ to give a much-needed boost for short films in the country. The two companies will work jointly to create and promote short films in the country and abroad. 

In a one of a kind partnership the companies announced that it would also create a feature franchise of an anthology of shorts, the same aimed at promoting new talent and allowing for audiences at large to experience quality content.

Speaking about it Pocket Films, Founder, Sameer Mody said, “Pocket Films is happy to be working with Basil Content. With our years of experience in discovering, creating and distributing short formats and Basil Content’s expertise in production, distribution, festivals and monetization, we hope to discover and promote newer filmmaking talents in the country”

“Basil Content was started with the intention of promoting and discovering new talent. We are working with some of the finest new feature filmmakers in the country and are confident that this partnership with Pocket Films will allow us to discover and promote new filmmaking talents” added Vivek Kajaria, Founder, Basil Content Media.

The companies further announced that it will assist short filmmakers with film festival resources and more importantly work towards creating an anthology of shorts, as a feature film franchise, each working on a specific theme, narrative and genre.

This marks a much-needed boost for the growing short film industry in the country.


Basil Content Media is India’s premier sales and representation companies, aimed at facilitating the discovery of films and filmmakers from the country both domestically and Internationally. [] 

Pocket Films led by Sameer Mody is the premier distributor and go to platform for short filmmakers in the country. It is the No. 1 partner for YouTube India for short films generating over 50 million views monthly. Pocket Films represents a catalogue of over 3000 short films from across the country. []


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