5 reasons why SPLIT deserves to be on your Must-Watch list, this year

5 reasons why SPLIT should be on your Must-Watch list, this year!


1.       SPLIT is about a man with 23 distinct split personalities with 24th and the deadliest one about to be unleashed. Nine of these 23 personalities have been showcased in the film, played by James McAvoy. You will get to see him play personalities as woman as well as a nine year old boy

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2.       SPLIT was made with a budget of just $9 million and has shattered the box office with a gross collection on $169 million worldwide. It took over Rings and became the scariest film in 2017 so far.

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3.       The twisted ending of SPLIT will leave you in splits. Don’t blink or you’ll miss something important.

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4.       Film critics and fanatics have hailed SPLIT as M. Night Shyamalan’s best film since Sixth Sense.

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5.        M. Night Shyamalan has announced a sequel to the film SPLIT and it is already making people very excited!

Split releases in India this Friday, 24th February.

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