Befikre: A Quick Review

befikreThe opening credits of Befikre have different couples kissing in various parts of Paris. That is when you realize that this movie is unconventional. For starters, it is shot in Paris and the story line could have been inspired by a French or a Hollywood rom-com as the couple keep getting in and out of their relationships. This year seems to be a year for contemporary multi-partner romances in Bollywood -after ADHM and Dear Zindagi and now Befikre.

Vaani Kapoor is sensational as Shyra- She beats Sallu’s record in taking off her tee-shirts and throwing it away in random scenes. Moreover, she seems to be the man in the movie; rumored to have gone under the knife after her last movie, though she denied it and attributed her terribly trembling lips and chiseled jawline to the ‘Paris winter’ effect. To her credit she dances amazingly well in her hip-hop and ballroom sequences and is superbly flexible- her moves can put even Hrithik to shame. Not to mention good acting.

Ranvir Singh plays himself as Dharam- a flashy, over-the-top, loud and crude Delhi boy. He acts well and tries hard to match his dance steps with those of Shyra. In terms of flashing his body he scores above her by even baring his butt once! I wonder how the censor board didn’t cut any of the 50+ kissing scenes and more than 5-6 bedroom scenes. Maybe they believe only in quality and not in quantity!!

The story is not so original – it is about a lot of lust, not so much of love and every thing that a Yashraj film ‘must’. Dharam and Shyra fall for each other in a bar and end up in bed multiple times, interspersed with them ending up in bed with other partners multiple times. The rest is history that has been repeated earlier multiple times in as many films. However the lead pair’s chemistry, Parisian locations, good song and dance sequences and some good acting by all makes it a decent movie to watch. I only wish they could have traveled South of France too rather than focusing only on Paris.


Note-IndieYogi’s posts are short/quick reviews,catering to the reader on the go. The attempt is to try something new in addition to the regular style of writing/reviewing.

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  1. Kelpha says:

    Indian parents of a teenager and Aditya Chopra both believe that Indian millennials are making out 24/7


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