Life Lessons from Superstar Rajinikanth

Yet another December 12th & another birthday for the Superstar which gives all the fans so many reasons to be happy on his birthday & celebrate it with lot of joy & excitement! Although this year he’s not going to celebrate his birthday due to the demise of ex CM Jayalalithaa’s & actor-political activist Cho Ramasamy’s. Anyways on every Superstar’s birthday we keep seeing many articles & coverages in TV about his rags to riches story which we all know. This year as a fan I would like to analyse the role of Superstar in my life & why I have gone to the extent of seeing Rajinikanth as a human god for me?

happy-birthday-rajinikanthWell here are some of the important & invaluable moral lessons in my life he’s taught through his movie roles or real life character :

Being true to yourself: When you are truthful to yourself, you need not fear anybody or anything.

Be humble- The best way to keep ourselves grounded & never show off !

Simplicity- Never forget from where you have come because God is watching us !

Time Management: Our daily life should have some purpose & we should lead our lives with discipline. Today’s time doesn’t come again which makes us regret later. So avoid regretting later & start planning now.

Never hurt anyone: What do you get by hurting others? Only sorrow, disappointments & cold wars!!! Is it very much necessary???

Forgiving: Live & let live! After all we have only one life! Move on!

Never complain about what has happened already: There’s nothing you can change & you can’t go back to the past too! Happened is happened. Nothing is in our hands.

Never boast about yourself: Never take success to head because there are better people around us.

Be active: Keep our health in good condition !

Be a God fearing person: Where there is a creation, there is a creator behind it! Have faith in God always & good things will happen to you.

Respect other’s feelings: Never come to conclusions so easily about anyone & try to understand the person opposite to you opposite person by first respecting his feelings.

Reading good books increases our knowledge: Reading one good book is equal to studying 10 people where it increases our knowledge too.

Be bold: never show your weak side to anyone so that no one takes advantage of us!

Face all odds bravely: life is all about ups and downs but we should fight out everything bravely.

Never say no in helping a person: Try to help a person in whatever capacity you can.

Be good do good: Being human is spreading positiveness to people around us.

Keep calm: Where there’s no necessity to speak it’s better to be calm than keep bragging.

Be cool: Instead of getting tensed for everything better to be cool to asses the situation.

Be stylish: It’s nice to maintain your own style & be different from others!

Be quick in doing things: Never be late in doing small things which makes it look very big tomorrow

His motivation gives me positive vibes: Every motivation story Rajini says in public functions gives us ample of positive vibes & enough courage to believe in ourselves.

Spirituality: Controlling ourselves from anger & keeping our mind calm helps a lot is something possible by following spirituality. 

Respect elders: A quality which is most important is to respect our elders to show our culture of upbringing.

Treat everyone with equal respect: Humanity knows no differentiation so treat everyone with equal respect.

Take care of your family first: First we need to care of our own family which if everyone follows it will lead to society being healthy!

Rajinikanth CollagePractice good diet: To be fit & healthy

Patriotism: One should respect the country he/she lives in & you need to be patriotic towards the country.

Paying income tax without cheating govt: Be sincere in your earnings & don’t cheat the government.

Hard work: Nothing comes in life without hard work.

Dedication: To achieve anything in life, you need to be constantly dedicated towards goals & ambitions.

Keep smiling: It doesn’t cost us anything except spreading happiness around us.

Never have negative thoughts: These negative thoughts kills our inner confidence which demotivates us badly to move ahead in life.

Be unique: Have a unique personality which separates you from others.

Always learn new things: Learning helps us to be updated in life & there’s nothing wrong in learning !

Accept the mistake boldly: If you have done any mistake, accept the mistake by redeeming yourself than repeating the same mistake.

Meditation: In these daily life job tensions & pressures, meditation helps us a lot to fight out the stress & worries.

Never forget your past: Move ahead in life but don’t forget the past including the people who helped you reach where you are now.

How to maintain friendship: Friends are the most beautiful gifts we select ourselves & every true friend is precious in our lives so don’t forget him/her.

Care for others: Have some concern towards your fellow people so that no one feels lonely in distress times!

Never take success to head & failure to heart: Very important to understand this so that when you lead a successful life you don’t take everything granted! 

All these qualities in Superstar made him have a god status in my life & he’ll be always be a human god in my life.

P.S: Here’s wishing Rajinikanth aka Thalaivar a very Happy Birthday.

Amar Nath

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