Award-Winning Filmmakers Collaborate On The New “Viewfinder” Film Consulting Company

Award-winning and internationally lauded Indian filmmakers M. Manikandan, Bramma G., and M. Anucharan form the Advisory board of the new VIEWFINDER FILM CONSULTING (VFC), a company founded by Canadian management professional Dilani Rabindran. VFC, whose branding and website were unveiled today, is dedicated to helping South Indian films reach international audiences.

viewfinder-logoThe company offers comprehensive consulting services for South Asian filmmakers interested in sending their films to international festivals, and those seeking help to access foreign markets or capture the attention of investors for their new film projects.

Speaking on the initiative, National Award winner and VFC Advisor M. Manikandan had this to say:

“You may attend a festival to see a film, but to attend because you have a film in a festival is a separate feeling. When thinking about why this doesn’t happen more for us here [in South India], I got to know Dilani. Dilani has done a lot of work on my films, and as we worked together we decided to launch this. I have high hopes for VFC because today’s filmmakers will be able to send their films many places with her help.” 

VFC’s stellar Advisory Board lends their guidance to the company’s operations and will also be offering support to up-and-coming filmmaking talent seeking their opinion on new projects. In an effort to encourage collaboration amongst filmmakers and help advance Indian cinema as a whole, VFC connects rising filmmakers with veterans of the field who are ready to offer their expertise, through its growing board.

After director Manikandan and Dilani recognized the need for guidance amongst Indian filmmakers on how to navigate the global film festival circuit efficiently, Dilani set up VFC to offer representation services for South Asian feature and short films for international festivals. In addition to representation, VFC also offers script & screenplay consultation for film makers keen on targeting international audiences for their films, as well as the creation of curated documents such as investor presentations and press kits. Viewfinder Film Consulting has also launched a subtitling and translations division, which uniquely manages a network of highly efficient freelancers to offer subtitling and translation for films and scripts of various Indian languages in a streamlined manner, at affordable rates.

Since its formal creation in the summer of 2016 VFC has successfully represented critical hits currently making their rounds at international festivals, including “Sigai” starring Kathir, and director Priyadarshan’s “Sila Samayangalil”, amidst many other upcoming films. The company has also provided English subtitles to several forthcoming releases, and recent hits such as “Aandavan Kattalai”. Dilani Rabindran began VFC while in India and now runs the firm from Toronto with the help of a support team in Chennai.

Supported by a brilliant advisory board and driven by a passion to share quality South Asian cinema with the world, Viewfinder Film Consulting helps films find their focus. 

Please visit to learn more about Viewfinder Film Consulting and the VFC team, and follow @viewfinderfc on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with further company announcements.

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