Kaashmora and Kodi: The Kollywood Diwali

Diwali is the time for movies for people who are MadaboutMoviez like us. So this Sunday a few of us headed to the famous Aurora theatre in Matunga (Mumbai) to watch back to back shows of the 2 new Tamil releases, Kaashmora and Kodi.

kaashmoraDuring the first few scenes of Kaashmora I felt as if I was watching The Golden Child.  We are introduced to Kaashmora( Karthi) a con man and phony exorcist who dupes gullible people.  We are randomly introduced to the scenes and poorly placed songs, all of them move past us on the screen without really registering an impact. And to add to it I must say two songs of this film has elements which are directly lifted off from Mad Max Fury Road. Like most Tamil films here the entire first half drags, till the interval point when finally the story starts.

The second half has the mandatory flashback sequence, the one on which the whole promotion of the film lies. Sadly by the time we get to watch it, we realize that it is even more dull. Later when the climax sets in I was feeling quite indifferent to the developments on screen. I did not care for the characters or the story and I just wished that the film would get over.  Even if you lower your standards as an audience it is sad to see that director Gokul is not even interested in telling a coherent tale for the public.

After gulping down some hot idlis and Kaapi, we were ready for our second movie of the day, Kodi starring Dhanush and produced by Vetrimaaran.

Kodi offers nothing new, in fact I do not have a problem with that. A popular actor in a in a double role is always fun to watch. Add to it a festival release and a full on commercial entertainer, so here I was looking forward to getting genuinely entertained with Kodi. But Kodi is one of those superficial films which stitches a story around recent happenings and claims to be different.

kodiKodi does not use the tropes associated with films in this space effectively; it passes of a man slapping a woman as something way too casual. As with most Tamil films the career oriented women is depicted as being ambitious,crooked and evil, while men aspiring for the same post have a heart of gold.

For a political film, there is not even a single scene which explains why Kodi (Dhanush) and Rudra (Trisha) are in different parties, and they never really speak about political ideologies and anything insightful ever in this film.  And there is a mandatory sidekick to the hero whose name is Bhagat Singh,  I am not kidding.

The film enters into strange territory when the director R.A.Durai Senthilkumar revives a character who is dead as he knows that another character is underwritten. Kodi  as we say is poli padam. Avoid it.

Note: Gone are the days where we used to witness mega battles at the box office during Diwali when it came to Tamil cinema. Sadly we now have to make do with films like Kaashmora and Kodi.

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  1. R says:

    Sad such movies are the ate of the public
    Gone are the days of Mgr sivaji during diwali


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