Announcing TVF’s Next Webseries: Tripling with Tata Tiago

TVF (The Viral Fever), the pioneering web series creators who gave us a new genre of online entertainment with Pitchers & Permanent Roommates are proud to present their next web series. TVF & Tiago from Tata Motorspresent the trailer of TVF’s 3rd web series — Tripling — the most awaited new show in Indian online entertainment. Written by Akarsh Khurana and Sumeet Vyas and directed by Rajesh Krishnan, the web series has been filmed extensively across three locations in India – Mumbai, Jodhpur and Manali.

TriplingThe Storyline 

Tripling is a tale of three siblings loaded with the emotions that highlights the unique and enduring relationship between siblings. Tripling is about the trio that set off on an unforgettable, unplanned road trip to meet their parents. The mayhem that ensues makes Tripling a trip worth taking.

Individually, their lives are just chugging along. But… when Chandan Sharma, the eldest, played by popular actor Sumeet Vyas from Permanent Roommates’ fame, returns from the U.S after a broken marriage and losing his job, he reunites with Chanchal Sharma Painyuli, the middle sister, played by popular actress Maanvi Gagroo of TVF Pitchers fame, and Chitvan Sharma, the youngest played by popular actor Amol Parashar, a series of unexpected events lead to chaos – ride along with them as this journey is loaded with heaps of fun moments and you and your family will enjoy! And even though they get lost pretty often along the way, the big question remains — will they find themselves?

Sibling #1 — Introducing Chandan Sharma, the Planner, played by Sumeet Vyas

Left India for some fancy financial sector job in the US, fell in love with his American (and older) boss, married her, only to be divorced (and sacked) by her. He’s back in India, searching for some solace with his family.

Sibling #2 — Introducing Chanchal Sharma Painyuli, the Impulsive one, played by Maanvi Gagroo

Was very comfortable with the opposite sex, having grown up with two brothers, and started experimenting early. And then got married early to a handsome Rajput prince. But is a princess what she really wants to be?

Sibling #3 – Introducing Chitvan Sharma, the Drifter, played by Amol Parashar

Felt imprisoned at home. And when his elder brother left the country, and his older sister got married, he ran away from home. But the lovable rogue that he was, continued to stay closest to his parents’ hearts.

How it all started…

Meet the parents — the mother, Charu Sharma, played by veteran actress Shernaz Patel and the father, Chinmay Sharma, played by theatre actor Kumud Mishra DesaiThe parents loved the song from Saraswatichandra“Chandan sa badan, chanchal chitvan, dheere se tera yeh muskaana” – Indeevar. They loved it so much that they decided to have three children and name them after this song. The rest is history.

Arunabh Kumar, Founder & CEO, TVF, says“As a kid, I always thought of going on road trips with my family, but it wasn’t possible back then. Hence, ‘Tripling’ is a way for me to live the moments I missed out on. Whenever we talk about memories and family in India, the first brand that comes to our mind is Tata. Therefore this bond and the journey that TVF is starting with Tata as our partners will be great and I am really looking forward to it.”

Tripling is developed by Sameer Saxena, Head, TVF Originals. As Sameer puts it, ”We all have done so many road trips with our friends but when was the last time we did one with our siblings? This question made us start thinking about “Tripling”. A road trip with our First friends – our Siblings. The friends we talk least to. The idea itself lends to so much drama! The relationship with our siblings is so unique. We laugh, we fight, we cry and we stand by each other whenever required. With Tripling all we want is the viewers to make a phone call to their siblings, to talk to them. If some do go out on a road trip, even better”

Our new hatchback, Tiago comes with new attractive design credos which appeals to the young and is all about enjoying life on-the-go. This is exactly what the new web series depicts. We found this storytelling route, a good way to engage with our target customers and are delighted to associate with Tripling to communicate the zeal of youth, adventure and this series resonates well with Tiago’s spirit of enjoying moments in life.” said Mr. Vivek Srivatsa, Head- Marketing, Passenger Vehicles Business, Tata Motors.

Tripling was born out of a strong collaboration between TVF, a pioneer in digital content, and, Maxus, the leader in driving innovative content campaigns for brands. The idea of capturing a journey of three siblings as they discovered the best in each other, was a perfect content platform to position Tata Tiago as a vehicle of choice for the next generation — Pooja Verma, Head – Content, Entertainment and Sports Partnerships at Maxus.

Enjoy the first look of Tripling here


About TVF

At the forefront the web series revolution with India’s two most successful releases, Permanent Roommates & Pitchers, with over 50 million views, The Viral Fever is India’s premier digital entertainment network. Founded by Arunabh Kumar, Creative Experiment Officer (CEO), the company is creating headlines globally and within India, revolutionising the way Indians access entertainment. Loved by India’s youth, TVF is a pioneer in the new genre of online entertainment, with a focus on progressive and new-age content.

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