Suicide Squad (2016) Movie Review


Agreed that MOST of their early movies only bring a tear to the eye and that too not the happy kinds. Val Kilmer as Batman compared to Nolan’s Batman now looks more like a leather strapped, Vicodin induced creep wearing a flying cape. But don’t forget, we are only watching the Batman movies in theaters after Nolan managed to ‘free our mind’.

Suicide SquadDC is going through a tough time. Marvel is pulling one rabbit out of the hat after another, and Dawn of Justice was pretty much an English remake of Karan Arjun. However, remember Chris Reeves as Superman?? Doesn’t he look like a joke now?? Heck his suit was light blue and spandex!! The new superman movie still has some way to go to match up to Ironman or even the Thor series…but the movies are moving from a clown in a red underwear trying hard to suck in his gut on camera to a deeper “graphic novel” themed genre. Cut ‘em some slack.

I guess this little rant was for all those “critics” who slammed Suicide Squad (SS). Agreed that the movie lacked some finesse, but SS is worth a watch and I’ll be dammed if some fat nerd living in his mom’s basement (read as “DC critics”) thinks otherwise.

For those not familiar with the Squad, and probably living on a rock in Turkmenistan, or worse, those with those silly posts, “I-haven’t-seen-one-Game of Throne-episode-will-society-accept-me-LOL”, Suicide Squad is an antihero “strike team” of incarcerated, death row supervillains and are doing high risk Black Op missions for the government in exchange for commuted prison sentences.

The story line sort of picks up from Dawn of Justice and builds on it. The question posed is simple “What if Superman one day decides to fight for terrorists, how can we stop him?” Simple, we fight him with people stupid enough to fight him…enter Suicide Squad. And thus those caught /imprisoned by the DC heroes are given a second chance to fight, but this time FOR the right guys (the US Government in this case) and save the day.

It’s not the scary bad guys nor the majorly pseudo hot Enchantress we worry about, but it’s the much more scary and probably more insane Amanda Waller, the head of ARGUS and a through and through “mean lady” (quote Deadshot) who plans to lead this team and use it for doing her dirty little work.

Can the team survive? Can they overcome their own insecurities and infighting to trust and fight together? Can evil ever do good? What could be so freaky that they need these guys to help save the day? (No spoilers here folks!) 🙂

The best part of the movie by and far is the cast. Each and every one of them is brilliant.

Amanda Waller (the amazing Viola Davis) is a much more frightening creature than any of the rest and it’s her bleak, Machiavellian savagery that we come to fear by the end of the film. She is “a vision of humanity dominated by heavy weaponry” in the flesh.

Next in line comes Margot Robbie as who performs brilliantly as Harley Quinn, Joker’s girlfriend. Harley Quinn is the perfect crazy Lolita-clown, a blue-and-red lollipop killer of the highest order. Her bundle of CRAZY energy with the wicked glee is sadistic and alluring, just mixed the right amount. Will Smith as Deadshot has also just owned the role. A point of note is the chemistry between Deadshot and Quinn, there is something disturbingly sweet about that too.

Suicide SquadA special mention goes to Jared Leto as Joker – a role which should give people nightmares before attempting – who takes Joker to a different level and somehow just works in parallel to Ledger’s Joker. Far from the nonsensical schemes of the Joker in The Dark Knight, here the clown’s motivations are clear and it is love. He’s out to rescue the love of his life. And Leto as a Mafioso-Lover-Sadist is just brilliant. The equation between Joker and Harley is amazing, they are both slaves to each other, and it is clear The Joker can’t not love Harley, which is an intriguing aspect of the character, because ultimately despite all of his evil, this relationship is the one thing that humanizes him and the one thing that dehumanizes her.

The rest of the bad guys get smaller portions of screen time, but each is solid enough to care about. Joel Kinnaman as the gruff, love-struck team leader Rick Flagg is also great though his love interest brings me to the biggest weakness in this casting. Cara Delevigne’s role and performance as the Enchantress could have, and should have, been much fuller and richer and it’s a key reason as to why the third act of the film is nowhere near as strong as it should be.

David Ayer’s (Director of lesser repute, but known writer of movies like Fury, Training Day & SWAT) story of a crew of villainous heroes—basically the Dirty Dozen of the DC Universe—is a lot of fun to watch even though his direction is a huge let down

So now coming to the reason why everyone hates this movie. Despite what most critics say, there is a plot line, though I feel the movie’s editing is what kills it. The biggest issue with the movie is the transition between story lines. There was a time when the story was even repeated and I fail to understand why that happened because the audience had already stitched it together. All this could simply have been changed with a simple chronological flow of the sequence of events.

Agreed SS is not as cool as Deadpool, but the movie has plenty to offer. Suicide Squad isn’t the grim, dark Batman v Superman, and it isn’t the criminals with a heart of gold from Guardians of The Galaxy. My advice: forget about what the critics are saying, just make up your own mind and try to let yourself have fun. When there is a half-man, half-crocodile in this film fighting alongside someone wielding a katana, you know you will get something fun. 🙂


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