Sultan: A Quick Review

Whenever there is a movie with Salman in the lead, it is no longer just a movie but an experience. The world can be divided in to 2 kinds of audience- Salman Baiters and Salman Fans. Both have their reasons for watching it.

For the Baiters: Sultan is everything that you love to hate in a Sallu movie. Like a gym routine, he acts with his upper-body and dances with his lower-body. He gives us one more eve-teasing song which will be played in all the Indian weddings and discos – Baby ko Base pasand hai (Baby loves Base) where he keeps strutting his butt in yet another ‘innovative’ manner. It sounds more appropriate for the heroine (Anushka) though, as Sultan looks anything but a 30 yr old wrestler- with a puffed up face and a saggy torso. Wish he had taken make up lessons from Rajinikant as one of the song choreography seems to be influenced from a Rajini movie.

Sultan Poster 2Sal-man our Desi Superman can do no wrong  in reel life.(Its the opposite in real life). He can win the Olympics gold medal in wrestling from scratch within a year – shame on Sushil Kumar for practicing so hard! He can win the pro-combat by practicing just for 6 weeks… that too from a loser fighter (Randeep Hooda) who was suspended for drugs!

Sultan woos and wins over a state wrestler- Arfa- (Anushka) who throws around wrestlers twice her size – both male and female- thanks to some camera tricks. Here we definitely miss Sonakshi Sinha who would have fit the role better- maybe she is reserved for Sultan 2! Anushka to her credit has completed the Khan triangle after acting with SRK and Amir Khan. No doubt she calls Sultan as her ‘gold medal’ and happily sacrifices a medal in Olympics for delivering his baby. So much for being a feminist!!!

The director- Ali Abbas Zafar does his duty of deifing Salman and building up the histrionics. Music from Vishal- Shekhar is hummable. Amit Sadh is sad as Sultan’s manager and the owner of the franchise. So is his father – Parikshit Sahni. The comedy is crass and undermines your intelligence, especially if you are an adult. The story is non-existent after Sallu raised our hopes with a Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The action scenes are predictable. We have seen them enough from a Rocky to Chak De India and more recently-Brothers. Hindi with a Haryanvi accent though, is a refreshing touch to a mundane melodrama though neither Salman nor Anushka seem comfortable in it. Just like his previous movie BB- Sultan seems to be yet another extension of his Being Human franchise.

For the Fans: It is 99% Salman and 1% movie. So go watch the Bhai! After all its already crossed Rs. 200 Cr and as you finish reading this it might cross Rs. 500 Cr!!!


Note-IndieYogi’s posts are short/quick reviews,catering to the reader on the go. The attempt is to try something new in addition to the regular style of writing/reviewing.

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