Ashiqana By Vaibhav Kashyap : Full Video Song


When a heart breaks, the mind gets stronger. In our deepest miseries, lie our greatest strengths. Ashiqana, presented by Ampliify Times, is a story of Love, Heartbreak and Life, which eventually moves on. The song is recorded in the voice of a new singer, Vaibhav Kashyap, with Music by Jiten Singh. The original composition of the song and its Lyrics are done by Aniket Dhingra. The Music Video is directed by Sudeep Nigam and Produced under Ego Centric Films.

In Ashiqana, Vaibhav and Nidhi are in a long distance relationship. They both met in the US while studying in college, and fell in love. After his graduation, Vaibhav moved back to India to start working and settle his life before Nidhi graduates and comes back as they planned to get married. He worked extra hard to ensure that he has enough savings teaching Basketball to kids in the morning, doing his consultancy job during the day and driving a cab at night. When he had enough savings, he decided to use them to go visit Nidhi instead of using them for his Master’s degree. But with time, their relationship did not remain the same. One day, Nidhi tells him that she had applied for a US work visa and luckily, she has got it. At this point, she does not find it feasible to move back to India. Instead, she wants to stay back and work in the US itself. That apart, as hard as it may be for her, she has decided to let go of Vaibhav and cut all ties with him. She still loves him dearly, but he is heartbroken to hear this. As she leaves him, he is shattered.


Ashiqana tells Vaibhav’s story of moving on from Nidhi’s memories and realizing that all his hard work over the years is worth a lot. Up till now he was working hard to be with her forever, but he could still do all of it for himself. As he walks away from her, burning away every postcard he wrote for her, he continues doing what he was, except this time it is for his own self. Soon, he learns to move on and let her go, focusing on strengthening himself for the pedestal of success. In the end, Nidhi is only a distant memory which disappears into thin air, just like smoke, but leaves Vaibhav with an important life lesson.

Ashiqana Full Video is now available on YouTube. You can also watch the Video on Apple Music,, DailyMotion.

Ashiqana Full Audio is available for Download on iTunes,, Saavn, Spotify and Wynk Music.

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