Ashiqana By Vaibhav Kashyap: Artist’s Diary!

Ashiqana came into existence out of a slightly intoxicated conversation between best friends. Sometimes, life gives us means to make small dreams come true, in a very large way. I have always wanted to be a performer. In fact, I spent most of my college years either singing or dancing on stage. I also happen to be blessed with a friend such as Sudeep Nigam who had the courage to forego a stable corporate life and chase his dreams.

AshiqanaThe boom in India’s independent music industry is amazing. Rap, Rock, RnB have all made their way solidly into the average listener’s daily music consumption. I have great love for singing and dancing. I want to join and perhaps further influence the independent music scene in India, despite being based out Dubai.  As an artist, I identify most closely with old and new RnB and Pop Music. I may not sing my name onto every track, but I do hope to be just as entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.

Post our conversation, we set to work trying to bring something beautiful and meaningful to life. Sudeep spoke to Aniket Dhingra, an immensely talented musician and song writer based out of Delhi. Aniket brought to us our first glimpse of what would eventually become a beautiful song. We then got to record the song. After a slew of different approaches toward the simple beautiful melody, we finally were able to record the song that is now available for everyone. Many versions, each with its own positives and negatives were made, but we finally had the song we had been imagining all along. Jiten Singh, Ashiqana’s Music Producer and Director is someone who has a striking understanding of the world of Music. Without his relentless pursuit for perfection, I would not have been able to sing Ashiqana the way it has come out to be. He guided me, coached me, and supported me throughout the – what turned out to be – incredibly difficult recording process.

Ashiqana Still 2Ashiqana’s melody is infectious. I found myself humming it non-stop within minutes of hearing the first amateurishly recorded voice note from Aniket. It reeked of potential and struck chords with me on an emotional front. Ashiqana is the story of being in love, favoring love above all, having your heart broken and then, most importantly, moving on. It is a journey from start to end, a journey all of us have made at some point in our lives. To me, the song not only did reflect a truth within me, but also the process of recording it and shooting the video, facilitated a final landmark on a personal front, to move on. Ashiqana helped me find closure, and I do hope it might have the same impact on others.

Sudeep wanted to depict the truth through the video for Ashiqana. I set out to make some more of my dreams come true by working day and night for months to be able to have a physique which I would consider camera worthy. Ashiqana not only gave me the opportunity to finally sing my heart out, but also gave me the motivation to finally attain the physique I had dreamed of for over ten years. Sudeep worked incredibly hard, taxing all his resources to their best. He made it possible to create a product of extremely good quality from very humble resources. He co-ordinated, supported and created every aspect of the video we will get to see on June 3. He brought on board an amazing team of extremely talented individuals. Nirbhay Rakheja, our DOP, who seemed to have been born with a wisdom for his craft, Amie Banerjee and Vidhi Surana who worked extremely hard trying to make me look good, and Vedd V Rawtaani who managed to turn several hours of footage into a seamless beautiful story. But none of it would be possible without the support of Varun Gupta, from Ampliify Times. As a new label, Ampliify prides itself in supporting new and independent artists, only and it is to Varun’s credit that the song will soon be out globally.

Ashiqana Still 3It has taken a long time, multiple flights, many arguments and several milestones to get Ashiqana ready for everyone. I hope that whoever watches and listens to Ashiqana falls in love with it and recognizes the love that went into it, which would resonate with all our lives.

ASHIQANA – Full Audio Song – is LIVE on iTunes. You can DOWNLOAD it NOW! Also, a special PAID PREVIEW of the Music Video is available at the link below


The All Media Release is on June 3, so watch out this space!

Vaibhav Kashyap

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