Teraa Surroor Movie Review : Giving Meaning To Meaningful Cinema!

Himesh Bhai is back! And so am I, with my review of his latest offering Teraa Surroor. Yes, the Suroors don’t end, they keep coming back to please your senses, if I may say so. Just when you think you would be done with them, there is one more Surroor waiting for you. No, I understand that keeping films with similar names to famous songs, does impart it quite a bit of recognition in fleeting memory of the audiences. But my question is, how many times can you do that? What is a good number of times for Surroors to stop? Because the problem remains the same. HR Musik may have Himesh’s soothing music and T-Series’ unlimited cash flow for the sake of good old times shown to them by the former, but how many movies does it take for one to understand the complete scarcity of any acting charisma in one’s own self? Jacky Bhagnani seems to be on a break after 6, but Himesh Bhai is going strong at 8 with another release lined up this year. Much to everyone’s surprise, most of those on the list have been able to recover or make money. So why not Teraa Surroor?

Teraa Surroor PosterDirector Shawn Arranha had been credited with a couple of despicable films in the past apart from a bunch of assisting work. However, Himesh Bhai blessed him by giving him the reigns of Teraa Surroor. But this did not pay him well because Arranha has made a royal mess. The camera angles are dizzy, the slow motion is used almost more than the runtime of the film, and the action sequences look like they missed a lot of shots so made them up by random jumps at the edit table. The story revolves around Raghu (Himesh Bhai), a ‘gangster’, who is in love with Tara (Farah Karimaee), who is a model? Tara and Raghu break up, she travels to Ireland and gets involved in a drug scandal and is jailed. Raghu travels to Ireland to realize she was misled by an unknown person named Anirudh Brahmin. Firstly, Tara was dumb enough to make friends with Anirudh over Facebook and then travel alone to Ireland upon his request, carefully carrying a package provided by Anirudh’s obviously fake grandmother from India. Now, Raghu must take the help of lawyer Elle Jordan (Monica Dogra), Indian Ambassador Rajeev Kaul (Shekhar Kapur) and a jail inmate who has broken through 14 prisons, Robin Dharmaraj Santino (Naseeruddin Shah) to free Tara, but the roots of this mystery lie deep within Raghu’s past. No kidding, but the twists are so intricate that the poor villain has to deliver a monologue to explain them all in the climax. That apart, no matter what your name is or from where you belong, everyone speaks Hindi, including Elle Jordan and Robin Santino. 

While the India portions are bearable, the moment the proceedings shift to Ireland, cinematographer Maneesh Bhatt literally throws his camera at anything or anyone. Despite a filmography of over 8 films, his outdoor shots are horrible. There are at least a thousand drone shots in the most unwanted of places. The chase sequences look like they have been shot on a phone camera and the action, oh well, lets not even go there. A lot of this has to do with the direction. For reasons best known to him, Himesh Bhai has loaded the film with an overtly loud Background Music which are basically differently pitched and arranged loops of the Aap Ka Surroor song chorus. 


But not all is bad about Teraa Surroor. Himesh Bhai manages to maintain the same expression and mannequin-like stiff body throughout the film. There are a bunch of stalwarts in the film who have no idea what they are doing here, like Naseeruddin Shah, Shernaz Patel, Kabir Bedi and Shekhar Kapur. Well, all is well as long as their cheques were fat enough. If you can ignore the irritating spelling of her name, Farah Karimaee is still a pretty plastic face, like a poor man’s Katrina Kaif. Oh wait, that was Jacqueline Fernandez. The film deserves a special mention for the casting of extras in Ireland. All of them look like they were promised some good beer and nothing else.

On the whole, one does feel a little sad when huge sums of money are wasted on shoddily made films. At its heart, Teraa Surroor may not have a terrible concept or script, but the execution, right from the scratch is heralded by skill-less people right from the first to the last. Including Himesh Bhai, who by the way gives great music for the film and launches a new singer, Darshan Raval, previously quite a hit on social media and Bombay circles. With a runtime of just 105 minutes, Teraa Surroor is excruciatingly long and I would choose listening to Rahul Gandhi over it. However, while many films don’t reach a crore on the first day, this one touched around 3Cr on Friday. That must tell you all about Himesh Bhai’s fans. If you have seen The Xpose, this will look like an award winning film!

Rating – 1/5

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  1. Rasik says:

    Sudeep, i salute your patience level! You paid money to watch this film and also later wrote about it. _/\_


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