The Revenant (2016): A Quick Review

Leonardo Di Caprio Oscar 2016 winnerThe hype the Oscars create always make you watch a few of the movies that win awards. This year the Oscars and The Revenant were more in the news to check if Leo finally makes it to the awards or gets relegated yet again to the nomination seats. No event possibly could have garnered more debate than possibly a Salman getting married or Putin attacking Syria. For once Leo didn’t disappoint and added the most elusive and prestigious awards in the world to his kitty.

Though Alejandro Inarritu repeats his Birdman performance by picking up yet another Oscar for The Revenant and there is no doubt about his ability to repeatedly make heroes out of his scripts, the movie by itself fails to impress to the extent an Oscar winner is expected to. The Oscar winner for cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki justifies his award by a stunning display of his talent and captures the snow capped terrains to perfection in the limited natural light- a condition which the director stood by throughout the movie. The method actor in Leo makes him play the character of John Glass to perfection and is aptly supported by Tom Hardy. The music and the background scenes keep you enthralled while the pace and the length fall short of expectations. Glass makes you cheer for his survival and there are a few unparalleled scenes – like him fighting the grizzly bear.

However it is the incredibility of the story that disappoints. A man attacked and wounded badly by a grizzly bear in subzero temperatures and harsh weather, manages to survive and thrive alone and travel great distances to avenge his son’s death. This would have been OK if it was enacted by a Salman, Arnold, Stallone or Rajinikanth or if it would have been one of the superhero movies, but definitely not a story for an Oscar winner by Leonardo Di Caprio. Moreover, dodging bullets while others fall like nine pins and jumping off a cliff to survive while his horse dies makes one feel like one is watching the Expendables.

Watch it if you don’t want to miss an Oscar winner!


Note-IndieYogi’s posts are short/quick reviews,catering to the reader on the go. The attempt is to try something new in addition to the regular style of writing/reviewing.

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  1. srijithunni says:

    Actually the incredibility of the story is that is based on a true story, something that actually happened in the real world, so if you’ve missed out on that fact then the disappointment is bound to be obvious. Do that much research at least.


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