Sujay Dahake impressed everyone with his debut film Shala; his second film Ajoba was path breaking in its content. He is now back with his third film titled Phuntroo.

Phuntroo too seems to be chartering territories hereto unventured, in Marathi cinema at least. The film is about an engineering genius named Vira who is deeply lovestruck by a girl in his college named Anaya. After facing her rejection he creates a breakthrough invention that will cure his loneliness. It is a tribute to all the lakhs of engineering students in our country.

It stars Madan Deodhar of Vihir fame, and Ketaki Mategaonkar of Shala fame, in the lead roles. The camera department has been helmed by Archana Borhade and production design is by Satyajit Deshpande. The music has been composed by Hrishikesh-Saurabh-Jasraj. Sujay has written and directed the film. It has been produced by Eros Now and Patke Films

The film is slated to release on 11th march, 2016. Here’s the trailer :