Amar Singh aka Chamkila with his wife Amarjot and son.

Chamkila was a famed Punjabi composer and singer who along with his wife and singing partner Amarjot used to sing songs based on village life, drug abuse, dowry and other such relevant issues. Sadly at the behest of rival musicians, Chamkila and Amarjot were gunned down by militants in 1988 in Mehsampur, prior to a performance.

Kabir Singh Chowdhry’s Mehsampur narrates the attempts of a filmmaker to chronicle the story of Chamkila and the emotional upheaval he unleashes in the bargain. The film is currently initiating a crowdfunding campaign for the post production of the film. The details of the same will soon be shared.

Meanwhile, have a look at the promo of the film and let us know your views on it.