Nannaku Prematho is the 25th movie of its lead actor NTR Jr, the film begins with the title cards of his films and then opens with an action scene which is mandatory of sorts for Telugu cinema. The first 15 minutes of most Telugu films unfailingly show the hero in slow motion,his shoes, introductory song which always sounds like Deepak Chopra’s sermons.Nannaku PremathoNannaku Prematho is a new low even by Telugu standards when it comes to portrayal of its female character. We are made to believe that a female will not find you creepy if you told her that you stalk her or follow her. In fact one whole song in the movie is dedicated to stalking where the hero says he wants to follow a girl. Sukumar does not stop here, in true blue woman empowerment mode he shows that if you rescue a girl from sexual harassment, the girl will fall in love with you, even if you are a stalker. In fact the father of the girl, Krishnamurthy (Jagapathi Babu) is supercool about her having been a victim of sexual harassment. He asks her how was her day and she replies “eventful”,that is the level of insensitivity of the filmmaker towards sexual harassment and attempt to rape women in this film.

Whoever designed costumes for Rakul Preet Singh received only one brief, show her legs. While its an art to present your heroines in a sensuous way like Ram Gopal Varma did in Rangeela which Sukumar sadly lacks.

Divyanka (Rakul Preet) is one of the dumbest characters ever seen in Indian cinema, she is supposed to have 40% shares of the company, yet does not know why her company is facing protests in Spain. While Sukumar I believed supported genetically modified crops in his previous movie, this time he paints all environmentalists as dumb and who do not do any research on their own.

The film has loopholes, which are bigger than potholes you will find in Sakinaka,Mumbai. NTR Jr builds a pipeline company before he knows Krishnamurthy, when the actual purpose for the building the pipeline is mentioned as for taking revenge, which is strange considering his father reveals about Krishnamurthy after he builds the company. (There’s a flashback scene where Abhiram notice his father writing a diary and asks about it.) 

It is also strange when Divyanka’s mother (Madhoobala) is arrested for drug trafficking the cops do not even bother to verify who was accompanying her.

Sukumar’s idea of diversity is very simple, put some people with turbans and we have north Indians in the crowd. Sukumar has literally ripped of scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street, Sherlock Holmes and even Raja Natwarlal

Krishnamurthy (Jagapathi Babu) is one of the dumbest villains you will see in the history of cinema. He likes to play with balls, I mean golf balls. He is the richest Indian in UK, yet keeps all his money in one account, he does not believe in tax havens I believe, he loves to be taxed by the government. He does not hire a team of experts or does any kind of test to see if there is gas available in the plant, which becomes a major point in the film. The loving dad also decides her future husband, based on her boyfriend choosing one golf ball over other. No one seems to care about what women want in Sukumar’s universe.

The only saving grace in the film is NTR Junior, he manages to somehow not bore you even with half-baked script. As I mentioned even in my Temper review, he has grown as an actor by leaps and bounds but he will be let down by directors.

Sukumar clearly seems to be inspired by another Hollywood film, The Butterfly Effect. Sukumar assumes no one in the audience knows what Butterfly Effect is, hence in the first scene itself he gives a wrong explanation of the theory to the audience. The Butterfly effect or chaos theory never mentions the fluttering of butterfly can cause storm, in fact it say the fluttering can also stop a storm. Sukumar thinks the butterfly effect is all about causation and effect, when in originality the theory is about accepting randomness of the nature.

Nannaku Prematho is half baked, insipid and copies scenes from many random Hollywood movies, and as I mentioned, to top of it, the insensitivity of director towards incident like rape is disturbing. This is neither class nor mass, it is pure bakwaas.

This movie is clearly an insult to science, logic and women.

Clarification- The earlier version of review did not mention a scene in the film, The description of the scene is now included in italics.