The Different Shades Of Irrfan Khan

Actor Irrfan Khan ​who turned 49 ​years old recently​, has gone through some major transformations on his looks for different films. The actor has not let his versatility limited to his acting, he has appeared in various different roles in different looks, making it look more real and natural.

Irrfan Khan colleage

Lets take a look at Irrfan’s some major roles for which he transformed his look:

The Warrior

Irrfan did a major transformation on his looks for his British-Indian film – The Warrior. He played the role of a warrior in feudal Rajasthan who attempts to give up his sword.​The actor grew long hair, dust-stuck face, and ​wore ​a warrior outfit in the entire film.


Irrfan played a Sikh Man ‘Umber Singh’ in Qissa, the film was set in the 1947’s partition backdrop. Irrfan ​played the role of a stubborn Punjabi man who wants a son to carry forward his legacy of a strong hunter. ​Irrfan carried the look to its authenticity. He made his character come real with his efforts and attire.


The actor played an investigating CBI Officer solving a mysterious murder case in the film. He played the character so intriguingly not just by the way he acted but also by his looks. He actor donned shades in the entire film. His look was quite different and added to his character in the film. Apparently the actor liked his shades so much that he asked the makers if he could keep with him.

Paan Singh Tomar

In this biopic, Irffan played an athlete who later turns a dacoit, both his looks were special and the efforts he put for his looks were visible in the film. Irrfan’s body looked that of an athlete in the first half in the latter he was seen wearing a Khakee outfit and carrying arms as a dacoit. 

The Lunchbox

Irrfan played the role of an about to retire, widower man, older than his real age in this film. He had put on some greys to go with his acting of an older man. Irrfan played the character to its best. Definitely proving that the actor is capable of pulling off any role. 

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