Wazir: A Quick Review

Wazir PosterAmitabh Bachchan doesn’t need to do any roles in Hollywood. Being in Bollywood, the Big B has already superseded the Big H. Most of the action heroes in Hollywood (read Stallone, Arnold, Costner) still rely on their brawn to showcase their ‘angry young men’ image. While AB has smoothly transitioned from a ‘ Deewar’ and ‘Agneepath’ to a ‘Piku’ and ‘Paa’. His metamorphosis from a superstar to a super-actor seems to be complete with ‘Vazir’. Moreover, one more song in his baritone voice is a treat.

AB’s eyes and expressions are more effective than his hands and feet ever were. Infact in this character of Omkarnath Dhar -‘Panditji’ he is crippled and relegated to a wheel chair. He is still the angry young man, wanting to go after the ‘politician-criminal’ – Manav Kaul (Yazaad Quereshi) who killed his beloved daughter. In this he is bound to his ‘partner-in-crime’ – Farhan Akhtar (Danish Ali) who plays the role of an aggrieved father and discarded husband with finesse. They bond on chess and their love for kids. Aditi Rao Hydari (Farhana) adds the beauty quotient and  Danish’s romance angle. However thankfully both the quotients are in the appropriate limited doses and help to take the story forward without dipping in pace much.

Bejoy Nambiar is predictable. Like ‘Shaitaan’ and ‘David’ he builds the plot craftily, but like PT Usha, he runs very well but loses in the end by 1/100th of a second. To his credit, he gets the best out of his lead actors and even succeeds with most of the movie shot in close-ups and a well composed screenplay. Manav Kaul is good in the limited role he is given. Farhan and AB excel and keep the movie watchable with their superlative acting and dialogue delivery. For once a Bollywood movie seems to be atleast scripted well and acted well. However, it doesn’t quite come out of the ‘second half trap’.

Like in the game of chess, the Badshah, Queen and Wazir play their part well. Whether they win or not is for the audience to decide.


Note-IndieYogi’s posts are short/quick reviews,catering to the reader on the go. The attempt is to try something new in addition to the regular style of writing/reviewing.

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