Top 10 Bollywood Films of 2015

Let me start the post with the disclaimer that I haven’t seen some of the acclaimed films of 2015. The most prominent ones among them are Titli, Manjhi, Drishyam,Maragarita with a Straw and Court (though I am told that the last one is mostly in Marathi). On the other hand, I have purposefully kept BAAHUBALI away from this list because the Hindi version is primarily a dubbed one. So, my post may suffer from the problem of exclusion. At the same time, it’s a highly personal choice and in no way reflects the true merit of any film.

10. BABY

We have a dearth of sharp political thrillers in India. So, if we keep the climactic similarities with Argo aside, BABY is a welcome change, which keeps its proceedings quite taut throughout. Akshay Kumar has definitely found his Scorsese in Neeraj Pandey.


I haven’t watched Phantom but I have never disliked a Kabir Khan film. And Bajrangi presents the most popular star of India in an avatar we haven’t seen for a long time.Yes, the film is overly sweet and melodramatic at places, but it has a very big heart and touches the right chords quite often.


A film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is unique because he is at the helm of affairs and presents everything in his own inimitable style. In this film, he presents us with forbidden love, warfare and politics, beautifully crafted scenes and an ensemble of actors at the peak of their forms.


Tamasha is the proof to the auteur theory – you see Imtiaz Ali’s treatment more than anything else. Of course, it shows us what Ranbir is capable of and that Deepika now deserves someone of Woody Allen’s quirkiness and skill. But, above all, it deals with a pertinent conflict with rare ingenuity.


The first half is too slow and the second half too fast. The villain is evident in the beginning and the overdose of details is at times cumbersome. But DBB has an aftertaste that lingers – the walls, the smoke, the colours, the femme fatale, the curious to crafty protagonist – DBB transports us like few have.

Top 10 Bollywood Films of 201505. NH 10

The conflict, though pertinent, crops up rather conveniently, and almost inanely.However, once you get past that stumbling block, NH10 is a riveting thriller which pumps your adrenaline and curls your toes in the right measure. A shout out to Anushka for supporting the film in the way she did.


Masaan is a surprise package in the truest sense of the term. A less-known but talented ensemble cast (special mention: Vicky Kaushal), a poignant tale of grief and morality, the lilting poetry and a promising new director – Masaan has everything going for it except the rather convenient climax.


I remember sitting shocked (when the film got over) and asking myself – ‘So, who’s the bad guy?’ Such astute is its making that even if it doesn’t surpass the director’s past works, it is terrific as a noir thriller that does such a volte face in its last reel that it leaves you numb! Radhika Apte and Nawaazuddin reinforce how talented they are,and under Sriram’s guidance, Varun nudges past his contemporaries, just a little bit.


Talvar is a writer’s film, and it comes as no surprise that the man wielding the pen is none but Vishal Bharadwaj. The film is sensational but enticing, clearly biased but works delightfully due to its Rashomon quality, and Irrfan – Konkona – Neeraj Kabi bring every fold of the story to life with rare finesse. Let’s just say that it’s one of the finest ‘inspired by true events’ film Hindi cinema has ever produced.

01. PIKU

When I watched Piku, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. But I couldn’t predict that the film will stay with me the way it has. If Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chaturvedi introduced us to their quirky ideas with Vicky Donor, they took it to a new high with Piku. The crazy and witty repartee, the nuanced idiosyncrasy of each character, the sublime music and the evolution of every person within the span of the story – Piku is a delight of an eccentric kind.

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  1. Disagree with Masaan, NH -10 & Talvar. I think Masaan was an average film with nothing much profound to say. Creates a couple of good characters and gives them some great moments esp. to Vicky Kaushal 7 Shweta Tripathi..but beyond that doesn’t have much to say. Failed to understand what was the point of the film or what was it trying to convey.

    My biggest issue with Talvar was the way in which the makers went about saying how the film wasn’t taking sides. Whereas it exactly did the same. Had they clearly said this earlier and said that it was their attempt to make people aware of the truth I wouldn’t mind. Even the narrative which seemed similar to a Rashomon didn’t work for me. Similarly NH-10 I felt was an average film, didnt get a jolt or feel a sense of shock barring a few scenes and of course the Deepti Naval character was very good. But that said, kudos to Anushka Sharma for backing such a film. Among the other films, I liked Badlapur till its last act in which it went for that abrupt change of heart of Nawaz and that ruined the essence of what could ahve been a great revenge flick.


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